The Party Branch of the Company carried out activities to celebrate the "July 1st" and to learn the "Party Constitution" for Party members

News from our newspaper (reporter Zhong Yixuan) On July 1, on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the founding of the CPC, the company's party branch organized all party members in a timely manner, and seriously carried out a celebration of the "July 1st" party members to learn the "Party Constitution" and a forum.

At the meeting, the party branch of the company, on the basis of organizing all party members to systematically study the relevant contents and chapters of the New Party Constitution, carefully reviewed the glorious course of the CPC through ups and downs since its inception 93 years ago, and enthusiastically eulogized the great achievements of the earth shaking changes in the motherland and the continuous improvement of people's living standards under the correct leadership of the CPC; It profoundly expounds the unchanging truth that only the Communist Party can save China, develop China, and ultimately achieve national prosperity, national independence, and people's happiness.

At the symposium, many Party members, in combination with the study of the new Party Constitution, closely linked with their own thoughts and work practices, talked about their future work plans and directions, and said that in the future, they should continue to strengthen the study of the New Party Constitution, keep a high degree of consistency with the Central Committee in terms of ideas and actions, earnestly fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of Party members, Give full play to the exemplary vanguard role that a Communist Party member should play. At the same time, we should carefully follow the requirements of the New Party Constitution for Party members, find out our own problems and shortcomings, and make practical improvements. On this basis, it is necessary to unite and lead the employees of the workshop and team with the spirit of reform and innovation, seize the moment, and work hard to continue to make their due contributions to the sustainable and rapid development of the company.