Corporate culture is the expression of the core competitiveness of an enterprise, and it is a spiritual product that transcends material. Excellent corporate culture can help enterprises overcome difficulties and achieve rapid development. The corporate culture of Zhongyi is the refining and sublimation of the spirit of 50 years of entrepreneurship of Zhongyi people, the true knowledge explored in practice, the crystallization of wisdom and will, and the soul of enterprise inheritance and development.

Enterprise values: be a responsible enterprise

Core values: be responsible for others, society and be a responsible Zhongyi person

Zhongyi people are responsible for themselves, their families, their colleagues and the enterprise

Zhongyi Enterprise is responsible for customers, shareholders, employees, and the state and society

Corporate mission: to provide customers with satisfactory services and continuously contribute to society

To provide customers with satisfactory services: to produce high-quality products; Provide quality services; Meet customer needs.

Constantly contribute to society: improve shareholder returns; Improve staff life; Promote industry progress; Promote social development.

Corporate vision: build an international brand and a century old enterprise

Enterprise spirit: unite and strive for excellence.

Business philosophy: quality is life, technology is physique, delivery date is character, quantity is integrity, service is affection, and cost is life.

Enterprise personnel concept: make good use of the right people and do the right thing.

Enterprise talent concept: people-oriented cause, people-oriented development

Enterprise development view: management is productivity, and excellent entrepreneurs and managers can promote enterprise development

Enterprise belief: persistence will lead to victory

Enterprise style: vigorous, earnest and pragmatic

Enterprise's code of conduct: It must be easy to do, and must not start from doing.