Talent concept

Enterprise talent measurement formula: (knowledge+experience+skills) × attitude × Spirit=competitiveness

Enterprise personnel concept: make good use of the right people and do the right thing.

"Good use" refers to the way to employ people, that is, to maximize the effectiveness of talents, put talents in a more suitable position, and achieve "giving them what they can"; "It should be used" refers to the identification of who should be used and who should not be used. It should be suitable for people and talents. Employing people's strong points and tolerating their shortcomings can not hide their merits.

"Doing the right thing" is about knowing people and doing things. "Doing the right thing" is to do a good job first. We advocate not to pay attention to hard work, but to be qualified once is low cost. Doing a good job is to do your duty, do your best, and do your job well. Do not violate the rules and work rules to do what you should not do, and create good performance.

Enterprise talent concept: people-oriented cause, people-oriented development

Zhongyi started from scratch. Only with people can we have today. Zhongyi believes that talents are the most valuable wealth and resource of an enterprise. With talents, everything will be possible; Talent is an important element of enterprise development.