Zhongyi Machinery held safety training for returning to work after the festival

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Cong Shenghua) On March 14, the company invited Chen Lina, a safety management expert from Hangzhou Jiping Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., to give a special lecture on safety production entitled "Safety Training for Returning to Work after the Festival", which was attended by more than 200 department heads, front-line employees and safety management personnel.

Focusing on the importance of the safety management of the resumption of work and production, Mr. Chen explained in detail the precautions for the resumption of work and production from 10 aspects, such as the high risk points of the resumption of work and production, the key parts of the post holiday safety inspection, and the methods of troubleshooting hidden dangers. He also combed in detail the five elements of safety production, namely personnel, machinery, materials, methods, and environment, and combined with the compilation of the safety management system of mechanical enterprises, It explained how to establish and improve the safety production management system of the enterprise, guided the employees to strengthen the safety production responsibility through case analysis around common problems in work, and ensured the safety of their colleagues and the company's property while ensuring their own safety. At the same time, according to the characteristics of safety production in the machinery industry, preventive measures are implemented and safety inspection is carried out. Employees are required to consciously abide by the safety operation procedures and do a good job in accident prevention and control from the source.

In order to comprehensively strengthen safety production, popularize safety production knowledge and enhance safety operation skills, improve employees' safety awareness, and standardize employees' safety operation requirements. The production department of the company organized all the workshop staff to carry out safety production training for returning to work after the holiday, which laid a good beginning for the safety production work of the whole year. Front line employees participate in safety production training, and the pass rate of the examination reaches 100%. Security is the premise of development, and development is the guarantee of security. This training will enable front-line employees to more timely and in-depth understand the relevant provisions of safety production, effectively prevent and contain the occurrence of various safety accidents, and ensure that the safety production situation continues to be stable and controllable during the resumption of work after the holiday. After the festival, the Production Department has carried out a comprehensive safety inspection of production equipment, safety facilities, various instruments, pipelines and plants, strengthened the safety management of workplaces and confined spaces, conducted pre job safety education and training for new employees, and strictly prevented various safety accidents.

Safety production, training first. Zhongyi will continue to build a safe defense line, constantly improve the awareness and ability of safe production, and help the enterprise develop!

After the festival, enterprises have returned to work and production. Shanhaitian requires all enterprises to conduct comprehensive safety inspection on production equipment, safety facilities, various instruments, pipelines, valves and plants before commencement, strengthen safety management in gas workplaces and confined spaces, and do a good job of pre job safety education and training for new employees to prevent various safety accidents.