Commend the advanced, boost morale and make new achievements again

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Cong Shenghua) On the afternoon of March 14, Zhongyi Machinery held the 2021 Annual Advanced Worker Commendation Conference, which was hosted by Wang Fangyong and attended by more than 100 outstanding employees, teams, department heads and employee representatives.

The first agenda of the commendation meeting was addressed by Wang Fangyong, vice president of production. Wang Fangyong said that in 2021, the company's employees will unite and forge ahead, work hard in their respective posts, display their intelligence, and emerge a number of advanced individuals and teams. In order to sum up experience, commend the advanced, set up a model, and encourage all employees to create a new situation of the company, it was recommended by each workshop and decided through discussion at the department manager meeting that eight people, including Qin Baofa, were awarded the honorary title of advanced workers, and the fitter team was awarded the honorary title of advanced team. It is hoped that the individuals and teams to be commended will be modest and prudent, guard against arrogance and rashness, make persistent efforts, and make new contributions in future work.

On the second agenda of the commendation meeting, Vice President Hou Yu and Minister of Production Yin Guoguo will award certificates and bonuses to advanced workers and teams.  

In 2021, Zhongyi Machinery has made great achievements. In addition to the strategic and tactical guidance of the chairman and general manager, it can not be separated from such a dedicated and plain staff team, and a management team with strong business ability and enthusiasm to help employees grow. This is our Zhongyi people who "work together and strive for the best".

2022 is the year when Zhongyi Machinery's chain wheel series will become stronger. In the new year, we should firmly grasp the concept of creating value for customers, firmly promote the basic management of 8S, TPM and OEC, constantly deepen the management systems such as IATF16949/ISO14001/ISO45001, constantly deepen the strategic planning system, process management system and performance appraisal system, gradually develop the employee workflow management system, and strive to achieve the goal of moving chain drive products to the middle and high-end, and make every effort to improve the company's economic and social benefits!