The company carried out comprehensive emergency drills for fire fighting, electric shock prevention and confined space operations

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Cong Shenghua) On May 6, in order to further strengthen the safety awareness of employees, strengthen safety management, and improve the ability of emergency response and rescue, the production department of the company organized drilling activities for limited space, fire fighting, electric shock prevention, limited space operation, fire fighting, etc. according to the actual production situation.   

This rescue drill is a part of the enterprise's annual plan for identifying potential safety hazards, safety education and learning, and training safety skills. At the same time, it aims to ensure that there are no accidents in safe production after the resumption of production and work. Wang Fangyong, the company's deputy general manager, guided the drill of the subject of "emergency rescue" on site. The purpose of the company's safety emergency drill is to fully combine the learned safety theoretical knowledge with the on-site practical operation, effectively reduce the occurrence of accidents and improve the efficiency of emergency response after the occurrence of accidents.

After the drill, the production department of the company made a summary speech, believing that the activity was well organized, the division of labor was clear, and the on-site drill was close to the actual situation; The emergency rescue personnel responded quickly, the rescue measures were appropriate, and the drill achieved the expected results.

The drill was carried out in full accordance with the emergency plan for fire fighting, electric shock prevention and work safety in confined space. The whole site was tense and orderly. All aspects of emergency response, such as on-site command, medical aid, vehicle emergency, fire-fighting equipment, and fault repair, were practiced in accordance with the real simulation scenario, so that the drill field was really the battlefield and the drill was really the actual combat. Through this drill, employees' self-protection awareness and safety production awareness were further enhanced, so that everyone had a further understanding of the rescue procedures, accident rescue and rescue operation methods of the emergency plans for fire protection, electric shock prevention and confined space operation accidents, and laid a solid foundation for improving employees' ability to deal with safety production accidents and safety production.

It is verified through on-site drilling that the "Emergency Plan for Fire Protection, Electric Shock Prevention and Operation in Confined Space" is basically in line with the actual situation of the unit. We will rectify, supplement and improve the deficiencies found in the drilling to ensure the adequacy, effectiveness and continuity of the "Emergency Plan for Fire Protection, Electric Shock Prevention and Operation in Confined Space".