Zhongyi Machinery was awarded as one of the Top Ten intelligent Transformation Cases of Shaoxing in 2021

Our report (correspondent Wang Jian) In order to seriously implement the "Shaoxing City traditional industry intelligent transformation of three years of action plan", further strengthen the benchmarking guidance, in-depth promotion of Shaoxing traditional industry intelligent transformation, by the enterprise declaration, district and county recommendation, expert review, solicit department opinions, social publicity, Zhejiang Zhongyi Machinery Co., LTD was awarded as the Excellent Case of intelligent Transformation in Shaoxing in 2021. In order to greatly improve the intelligent production level of the company and ensure the stability of product quality, the company has implemented the intelligent manufacturing transformation project of chain drive products from 2019 to 2021, with a total investment of 30.7665 million yuan. This project includes 306 sets of digital plus equipment, machine tool networking and data acquisition, 3D digital design and manufacturing, quality inspection mobile, electronic, CNC workshop automatic loading and unloading, quenching, typing automation and other sub-projects. Through the implementation of intelligent manufacturing transformation project of chain drive products, satisfactory results have been achieved in terms of performance. CNC and processing center have reached 100% networking and automatic data collection. The per capita output value of ten thousand yuan has increased by 44.74% and the per mu output value has increased by 5.8%. Production and operation cost, unit energy consumption, product defect rate and labor rate decreased by 3.2%, 47.45%, 59.59% and 26.89%, respectively. During the period, the company won the "Shaoxing Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Workshop" and "Shaoxing Intelligent Factory", and passed the certification of the integration system of the two aspects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. At the same time, in the whole process of intelligent transformation, also summed up some successful experience. First of all, intelligent transformation is a leading project, the idea should be top-down, in order to get twice the result with half the effort. Secondly, grasp the key process pain points, forward to optimize the source of the working method, such as CNC lathe output is low, one of the reasons is the programming speed is slow, only to improve the programming speed, the use of programming automation. But if you want to automate programming, you have to use 3D design software. Third, we must have determination, but more importantly, we must have perseverance. Intelligent working method is a new method, and will inevitably conflict with the habitual working method, must not give up halfway. In the future, Zhongyi Machinery will continue to focus on digital and intelligent investment, further accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises, deepen the application of digital and intelligent technology, realize digital management and digital operation, build new competitive advantages, drive chain drive products to the middle and high-end, and win the future with "digital".