Our Lushan Branch strives to do a good job in quality management

In the afternoon of July 3, Lushan Branch held a quality analysis and summary meeting for the third quarter. On the basis of careful analysis and summary of the factory's quality management work in the second quarter and finding out the existing problems and weak links, it proposed the implementation opinions and plans for the quality management work in the third quarter.

It is understood that in order to effectively manage the quality of the factory and ensure the realization of the goal of no complaints from customers about product quality, Lushan Branch has put the quality management of the factory at the top of all its work this year and taken it as the most important work. On the basis of improving the quality control mechanism and implementing the reward and compensation measures for good or bad product quality, the factory has gone from factory leaders to workshop directors and even workshop leaders, The city has established and implemented a strict quality management assessment system at all levels, forming a good atmosphere of joint management of enterprise quality management. In addition, the quality management department of the factory, while doing a good job in the first inspection, patrol inspection, final inspection and product quality control, timely reported the product quality inspection situation of the previous day and put forward requirements for improvement opinions at the morning meeting of the quality inspector every day, so as to further improve the quality management. In addition, Lushan Branch also established the "once a month regular quality meeting system" to summarize the quality management situation of last month, analyze the existing problems and causes, and formulate and implement the quality management implementation plan for the next month. By holding a daily morning quality inspector meeting, a monthly quality meeting, and a quarterly quality analysis and summary meeting, while greatly enhancing the quality awareness of all quality inspectors, workshop directors, and workshop foremen, the factory's total quality management level has been greatly improved, and effectively promoted the factory's total quality management to a higher level.