Our three business divisions carry out job responsibility training activities

News from our newspaper (special correspondents Zheng Linhua and Xu Shengying)) From August 15 to August 27, the three business sectors of Zhongyi Machinery Group organized and carried out the training on the post responsibilities above the foreman in batches, and all department managers, workshop directors and foremen of the business division participated in the training.

Zhongyi Machinery Sanjie Business Department is a branch department integrating production, operation and sales newly established at the beginning of this year, which is under the direct management of Zhongyi Machinery. In view of the current situation that the post responsibilities of the personnel above the foreman level are unclear and the management system is not well understood, in order to clarify the post responsibilities, straighten out the relationship, and ensure that the work of the GS Division is carried out in an orderly manner, the GS Division timely organized department managers, workshop directors, foremen and their managers to carry out the department responsibilities, post responsibilities, safety knowledge Education and training on equipment operation and other business knowledge. At the same time, the company also carried out publicity, implementation, training and guidance on the company's system documents. Through the training and education organized by stages and batches, not only the workshop staff at the level of foreman or above and the workshop leaders at the level of director or above have a clear understanding of the organizational structure of the GS Division, the functions and responsibilities of each department, but also the operation ideas of production, quality, sales, management and other operating processes have been further clarified, laying a solid foundation for the good development of our three business divisions.