Our three business divisions hold 8S management knowledge training courses

News from our correspondent (Zheng Linhua, special correspondent) From September 18 to 19, the three business divisions of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. held an 8S management knowledge training course. All cadres and employees of the workshop of the department participated in the training.

Zhongyi Machinery Sanjie Business Unit is a new business unit established at the beginning of this year. Its production and processing personnel come from both inside and outside the city and even outside the province, and do not know much about 8S management knowledge. In order to improve their awareness of the importance of 8S management knowledge, and consciously do a good job of taking "sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety, saving, learning" as the content of 8S management, the Business Unit organized this training in a timely manner.

During the training, Sanjie Business Department carefully analyzed the current situation and existing problems of the production workshop in accordance with the 8S management standards and requirements, based on clarifying the importance and necessity of doing a good job of 8S management, and combined with the production site within the department. At the same time, according to the 8S management standard, the management requirements for the tool cabinet, detection table, ground and products are put forward, and the placement positions of the tool cabinet and other parts are clarified (for example, drawings and process documents are placed in the transparent plastic clips in the upper left corner of the tool cabinet, measuring tools and inspection tools are placed in the upper right corner, product workpieces are placed on the table, tools are placed in the drawer, and tools and other items that are not used temporarily are placed in the bottom cabinet).

During and after the training, the Human Resources Department of Sanjie Business Unit organized relevant personnel to inspect every morning and afternoon according to the 8S management standards and requirements. If any nonconformity with the 8S management requirements is found, it shall timely communicate with the workshop supervisor and further clarify the management requirements. After a period of operation, the ground sanitation, tool cabinets, detection tables and product placement in each workshop basically met the requirements, and the implementation of 8S management has achieved initial results.