The Development History and Trend of Zhongyi Machinery TPM

TPM means "all staff production and maintenance". It is a production and maintenance mode involving all staff. Its main points are "production and maintenance" and "all staff participation". By establishing a production and maintenance activity involving the whole system staff, the equipment performance can be optimized.

Development History of Zhongyi Machinery Production and Maintenance

1. From 1954 to 1993, post maintenance developed to preventive maintenance. Post maintenance refers to the use of equipment only. Generally, the equipment is not maintained until it breaks down. This method of use will cause equipment damage and reduce the service life of the equipment. Therefore, this maintenance method needs to be improved and naturally develops to preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance mainly refers to some simple maintenance of machinery and equipment, such as regular oiling, frequent dust cleaning, replacement of screws and nuts, etc. These simple maintenance are indeed good for prolonging the service life of the equipment, but they are not enough.

2. From 1994 to 1998, it developed from preventive maintenance to improved maintenance. The company has improved the preventive maintenance method and replaced the parts according to the service cycle of the equipment parts to make the equipment run more normally. According to the service life of the part, it can be replaced before the service life of the part expires, which not only effectively uses the part, but also prevents the occurrence of failure.

3. From 1999 to 2006, it developed from improved maintenance to maintenance prevention. In the maintenance and prevention phase, the company not only maintains the equipment, but also combines maintenance with prevention. By recording the operation of the equipment, we can judge whether the equipment is normal according to the operation of the equipment (such as changes in sound and color). In 2006, the company introduced 6S management and established the on-site management standard of Zhongyi Machinery: paint shows the true color and shaft shows the brightness. In 1999, it passed the ISO 9002:1994 quality assurance system certification; In 2003, it passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system certification.

4. Since 2007, it has developed from maintenance and prevention to full production and maintenance. At the beginning of 2007, the company introduced the concept of TPM. In the maintenance and prevention stage, the equipment maintenance is mainly carried out by professionals in the Equipment Department. The main difference between full production maintenance and maintenance prevention is that full production maintenance requires all employees to be responsible for equipment maintenance, emphasizing full participation. The production operator must truthfully fill in the Equipment Daily Spot Check Form every day to facilitate communication among team members. In 2009, the company passed the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification; In 2010, it passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification.

Development Trend of Zhongyi Machinery Production and Maintenance

In the first stage of production maintenance, the equipment is in the post maintenance stage. The equipment maintenance is like a fire brigade, and the maintenance personnel are ready to leave at any time. In the second stage of production maintenance, after the company introduced preventive maintenance (PM), equipment management was separated from post maintenance (BM). For the whole life of equipment, preventive maintenance (PM:. TPM is promoted based on five pillars (independent maintenance, individual improvement, planned maintenance, skill improvement training of operation maintenance, and initial management of equipment). The purpose is to achieve the highest efficiency of equipment, which is based on group activities and involves the whole system of equipment. In order to maintain the enterprise's sustainable profitability, JIPM has clarified the relationship between cost structure and loss structure in order to comply with the arrival of the cost oriented TPM phase. Therefore, TPMs that can reflect cost reduction have been developed. The past five pillars plus three pillars (quality maintenance, efficiency of indirect affairs departments, safety, health and environment) have become the eight pillars to expand and enrich the content.

Therefore, the development trend of Zhongyi Machinery TPM (full production and maintenance): First, all employees from the management to the front line are involved in pursuing three "zero" goals, namely zero disaster, zero defect and zero failure, and all losses are prevented in advance. 2、 The employees are familiar with the company's 0A system and have a good command of the equipment management operating system. 3、 Besides the production department, it also includes all departments such as development, marketing and management.

The production and maintenance of Zhongyi Machinery started in 1954 from the post maintenance, and went through the stages of preventive maintenance, improvement maintenance, and maintenance and prevention. In 2007, the production and maintenance of all employees was introduced. The history of production and maintenance was nearly 60 years. Production and maintenance activities can significantly improve the efficiency of the company's manpower and production equipment, reduce the defective rate of products, shorten the production cycle, and save costs, so that the company can obtain more profits and better comprehensive results.