The sales situation of chain wheels, gears and other transmission products produced by Zhongyi Machinery is promising

News from our newspaper (reporter Luo Guoxun and special correspondent Xu Jiayu) From October 15 to 17, the two-day 2014 China (Shanghai) International Fluid Exhibition Machinery Exhibition was held in the pavilion of Shanghai World Expo. Shanghai Hiputo Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of our company, organized a delegation to participate in the exhibition.

It is understood that in order to comprehensively display our chain drive high-quality products of various models and specifications, such as sprockets, gears, pulleys, synchronous pulleys, taper sleeves, expansion sleeves, couplings, etc., professionally produced by our company at the 7th China (Shanghai) International Fluid Expo Machinery Exhibition, and strive to improve our good social image and reputation at home and abroad, Shanghai Hiputo Machinery Co., Ltd., as one of the company's agencies, On the eve of the exhibition, careful arrangements were made. On the one hand, a group of leaders of the company carefully studied and carefully planned how to focus on this exhibition activity, and formulated and implemented an effective exhibition implementation plan; On the other hand, we should timely transfer talented personnel to the company, clarify responsibilities and tasks on the basis of unified thinking, and make sure that the division of labor for the exhibition activities is clear, and the responsibilities and tasks are assigned to each group and each person. Moreover, the main leaders of the company also took time out of their busy work to participate in this exhibition. From October 15 to 17, during the two-day China (Shanghai) International Fluid Exhibition Machinery Exhibition, the cadres and employees of Shanghai Hiputo Machinery Co., Ltd. who participated in the exhibition actively carried out various forms of participation, negotiation and other activities with a strong sense of career and responsibility. Through two days of unremitting efforts, the sales situation of the sprocket, gear, belt pulley, synchronous pulley and other products that our company specializes in producing is very promising. According to incomplete statistics, 53 potential customers for product sales cooperation have been reached at this exhibition, and 8 are still negotiating. The China (Shanghai) International Fluid Exhibition Machinery Exhibition has received good economic and social benefits.