Innovation leads to a "good start", and the independent brand enjoys a good harvest

A good start to the first quarter (correspondent Wang Fangyong and Yang Zhihua) is crucial to achieving the goal of steady growth throughout the year. All branches of Zhongyi Machinery have been working hard to catch up with the production and market, and are going all out to make a good start.

At the beginning of 2016, the company determined to carry out organizational reform by business classification. The company divides the design and production of transmission parts into two parts, Shanjie New Factory as "independent brand" and Lushan Branch as "OEM". The two branches always aim to produce transmission parts with international competitiveness. Based on the product, each product is responsible for organization, development, production and sales, so as to enhance flexibility and competitiveness.

The company actively promotes the transformation and upgrading of foreign export trade enterprises, guides enterprises to build brands, create famous brands, and boldly go global. Under the policy encouragement, the company has increased product research and development in recent years, striving to develop from OEM to independent design, independent intellectual property rights, and independent marketing channels. The B2B business platform for warehousing is under construction, enabling customers to place orders for inventory products on the e-commerce platform, and participate in international market competition with a new image. The order amount of chain drive products of Lushan Branch increased by 23% in the first quarter of 2016 compared with that of 2015, of which the non-standard order amount increased by 65%.

Shanjie New Factory follows the path of scientific and technological innovation and focuses on the design and manufacturing of gears. The R&D Center of the enterprise uses 3D feature modeling design MTD4.0, 2D design department MSCAD6.0, process design management system CAPP and other software to design and develop products. It has successively obtained nearly 28 national practical technology patents and 33 provincial new products. In 2016, we introduced the German management model, introduced German senior managers, focused on developing agricultural machinery sprockets, gears, gearboxes, etc. according to the actual samples of customers, and developed the European agricultural machinery market. In the near future, we also received a lot of orders at the exhibition. " The head of Shanjie New Factory said happily. As the sales volume of the company's products increases year by year and the production continues to operate at full capacity, the company is considering expanding the production line.

The company has changed the previous OEM model and created its own brand, which has significantly expanded its profit margin. Because of its excellent quality, the products have won the favor of overseas merchants. The production of the company is stable throughout the year, and the production workshop has been busy since the start of the festival.