Strengthen fire safety training and improve our safety awareness

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Yang Songfu) In the morning of June 24, 2016, in order to enhance employees' safety awareness and improve their emergency response ability, the Safety Supervision Department of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. organized some cadres and employees to carry out fire training and emergency plan drill activities.

At about 9 a.m., the cadres and employees of Zhongyi Machinery Department participated in the training on fire protection knowledge and equipment knowledge in the meeting room of the new factory. The company invited Du Lishan, the fire commissioner of Sanjie Industrial Park, to train, guide and comment on some of the company's cadres and employees. This fire training is mainly about the use of fire equipment. Commissioner Du first reported several typical fire cases of enterprises in Shengzhou City recently, then explained the type, structure and use method of fire extinguishers, and explained in detail the fire risk and prevention measures, initial fire fighting, personnel evacuation in case of fire, fire escape and self rescue, how to report fire, how to use fire extinguishers and other common fire fighting knowledge, Let us have a preliminary grasp of the escape skills at the fire scene and the correct use of fire-fighting equipment to extinguish the initial fire. All participants in the training listened carefully and recorded carefully, and received good results.

At around 10:00, Zhongyi Mechanical Safety Supervision Department organized fire emergency drills. During the drill, the employees participating in the drill used portable dry powder fire extinguishers to control the fire and extinguish the burning objects, successfully completed the fire fighting drill task, gave a lively fire fighting knowledge lesson to key employees, and improved their fire fighting ability. This drill made the staff more familiar with the disposal process, clarified their job responsibilities, mastered the use of alarm and fire fighting equipment, and effectively enhanced their safety awareness. At the same time, a comprehensive inspection of the security equipment was conducted through the drill, eliminating the potential fire safety hazards.

Before the drill, the Safety Supervision Section of the Company issued the emergency drill notice and fire fighting drill plan, formulated a detailed emergency plan, and focused on the division of responsibilities of the emergency plan, 119 alarm and other work. During the drill, the employees participating in the drill decisively and tactfully handled the emergencies according to the predetermined plan. The whole drill process was vivid and interlinked. The employees were able to better complete a number of tasks according to the emergency plan, such as finding doubts, protecting their own lives and property, triggering alarms, and reporting by telephone. The drill activities were successfully completed.

This drill further enhanced the safety awareness of employees, improved their ability to deal with emergencies, and laid a foundation for the safe and stable operation of the company's businesses.