Focus on quality safety to ensure product quality

Report from our correspondent Zhong Shisheng On the morning of August 18, Jinhua Quality and Technology Supervision and Testing Institute was entrusted by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision to conduct a spot check on the quality of Zhejiang famous brand products. Wang Fangyong, the management representative of the company, was accompanied.

SZS gear and chain wheel of our company have been recognized as Zhejiang famous brand products by Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Technical Supervision since December 2006, and have successfully passed two re evaluations. On June 28, 2016, the 2016 Application Form for Zhejiang Industrial Famous Brand Products was submitted, and now it is the spot check stage of Zhejiang famous brand products due for re evaluation in 2016.

ZHU Xiangmin and Li Yongliang of Jinhua Institute of Quality and Technology Inspection first collected the information of the sampled products of Zhongyi Mechanical Gear B4M15 and the inspected enterprises, and then went to the workshop for sampling photos.

The two experts said that according to the Zhejiang Provincial Work Procedures for Product Quality Supervision and Random Inspection, through the four links of sampling, inspection, objection handling and the handling of the results of the random inspection, it can be determined that your company's SZS gear and sprocket will continue to become Zhejiang's famous brand products. Sampling refers to the process in which qualified product quality inspection institutions or local quality supervision departments that meet the provisions of the Product Quality Law take relevant samples from the production enterprises or circulation fields. Inspection refers to the process in which the product quality inspection agency inspects the samples taken according to relevant standards and regulations and determines whether they are qualified or not. Objection handling refers to the process in which the department that organizes the supervision and random inspection or the subordinate quality supervision department and inspection agency entrusted by it reply to or re inspect the different opinions of the inspected enterprise on the inspection results. The disposal of spot check results, also known as the disposal after spot check of product quality supervision, refers to the process in which the product quality supervision department handles the relevant spot check results in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Post treatment usually includes notification, announcement, order for rectification, review, punishment according to law, product quality analysis meeting, etc.

From 2006 to 2013, Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision conducted two spot checks on Zhongyi Machinery, and the qualification rates of products were 99.80% and 100% respectively, showing an overall upward trend. At the same time, from the perspective of the root cause of the continuous improvement of the overall level of product quality, it depends on the continuous upgrading of the industrial basic support capacity and the comprehensive security system to provide impetus for the continuous improvement of product quality.

It is reported that under the guidance of the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing", the company will implement the 2016 National "Quality Month" Activity Plan of Zhongyi Machinery from September 1 to September 30, focusing on quality, brand, standard, service, reputation and efficiency, and centering on the spirit of "quality for survival, quality for development, and quality for efficiency", Strive to create a good atmosphere for all staff to pay attention to quality, comprehensively improve the quality awareness of all staff, and strive to improve the quality management level of the Quality Control Department.