The party branch of Zhongyi Machinery successfully completed the recommendation of candidates for party representatives and the election of party representatives for the 11th time in Sanjie Town

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Zhong Shisheng) On September 29, Tong Huihui, the Party Construction Office of Sanjie Town, came to the Party branch of Zhongyi Machinery to guide the preliminary candidate recommendation for the representative candidates of the 11th Party Congress of Sanjie Town, and Yang Songfu, the secretary of the Party branch of Zhongyi Machinery, presided over the recommendation.

On the morning of the 29th, according to the arrangements of the Zhongyi Machinery Party Branch and the Sanjie Town Party Committee, the "Three Steps" was completed to recommend the candidates for the 11th Party representative candidate in Sanjie Town. First, grass-roots party organizations extensively nominated and proposed preliminary candidates for deputies. Take the Party branch as the unit, adopt the bottom-up and fully deliberated selection method, organize the Party members to nominate and recommend according to the difference proportion of 25% of the number of representatives, and report the list of recommended candidates to the town party committee. On the basis of the nomination and recommendation of the party branch, the town party committee will convene a branch committee, gather the opinions of the majority of party members, propose a preliminary list of candidates for deputies, and publicize it on the bulletin board. The second is to investigate the preliminary candidates. Based on the political quality, moral character and realistic performance of the recommended candidates, the preliminary candidates for the representative candidates were investigated, the opinions of the party organizations, party members and non party masses of the units were widely listened to, the preliminary candidates were comprehensively understood and mastered, and the investigation and appraisal opinions of the preliminary candidates were formed. The third is to determine the preliminary candidates for deputies. The town party committee held a party committee, and according to the investigation, two preliminary candidates for the representative candidates were determined according to the difference ratio of not less than 25%.

On the morning of October 15, the party branch of Zhongyi Machinery held a party representative election meeting in Sanjie New Factory. Comrade Tong Huihui, the party construction office of Sanjie Town, supervised the election, and Yang Songfu, the secretary of the party branch, presided over the meeting. Wang Fangyong was elected as the Party representative on the basis of the preliminary candidates. The election was carried out in strict accordance with the procedures, and each agenda was carefully completed. All Party members took each vote seriously. The conference was successfully concluded. At present, the Party branch of Zhongyi Machinery has submitted the relevant materials of Comrade Wang Fangyong to the Party Committee of Sanjie Town for approval as required.

It is reported that this election will elect representatives to attend the new Sanjie Town Party Congress, the new town party committee and discipline inspection committee. The majority of party members and cadres should strictly abide by the Constitution of the CPC and the Provisional Regulations of the CPC on the Election of Grass roots Organizations, actively participate in the election, correctly exercise their democratic rights, and select as representatives those party members who are exemplary in abiding by the Party Constitution, Party rules and disciplines, familiar with the rural grass roots situation, have a strong sense of performing their duties, the ability to discuss business, and the ability to connect with the party members and the masses, and give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role; Select a good team that can sincerely serve the people of the town and lead the economic and social scientific development and harmonious development of the town.

In order to create a clean and upright environment for the change of office, Party members and cadres in Sanjie Town should strengthen their study of the Party discipline and laws, especially the "nine prohibitions and nine unifications" proposed by the Central Committee, firmly establish the concept of the overall situation and the sense of discipline and rules, resolutely resist unhealthy tendencies, and ensure the smooth progress of the change of office.