Sun Zhejun, Secretary of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee, came to Zhongyi Machinery for investigation

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Wang Miaofe) On the morning of March 22, Sun Zhejun, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, came to Zhongyi Machinery for investigation, accompanied by Qiu Qingjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sanjie Town.

Sun Zhejun first visited the Zhongyi Machinery Logistics Center and the production workshop, carried out special research on the construction project of Zhongyi Machinery with an annual output of 5 million high-end chain wheels, and learned about the project progress, the preliminary benefits of the machine replacement project, and the economic and technological development trend of the chain drive industry from Wang Yinan, Chairman of Zhongyi Machinery.

Later, Sun Zhejun, the secretary of the municipal party committee, and Wang Yinan, the chairman of the board, had a discussion. During the discussion, Sun Zhejun emphasized that the whole city has fully played their respective functions, strengthened their responsibilities, strengthened their tackling, strengthened the problem orientation and effect orientation, grasped the new orientation, set up new standards, displayed new images, and vigorously promoted the project in strict accordance with the requirements of "municipal leaders taking the lead, department services, territorial responsibilities, and enterprise subjects", And create new achievements in the city's industrial economy this year.

Sun Zhejun pointed out that the project promotion mechanism is an important part of the "Eight Battles" of Shengzhou City. The Party Committee and Government of Sanjie Town and the Provincial High tech Park Management Committee should take the project in hand and shoulder the responsibility. The awareness of active service should be enhanced, and the satisfaction of enterprises will be greatly improved. This year, we will continue to make efforts to strengthen the combat advantage of the corps, support the realization of the target of high growth through project promotion, test the reform effect of "running at most once", and forge Zhongyi Machinery into a model for provincial high-tech parks.

Sun Zhejun also stressed that we should focus on the government of Sanjie Town and Zhongyi Machinery, and work together to promote. In terms of enterprises, we must give full play to the main role of Zhongyi Machinery, seize the upgrading opportunity of chain drive manufacturing, and take the initiative to participate in the promotion mechanism in accordance with the requirements of the municipal party committee for building an "four love and one guard" entrepreneur iron army. It is hoped that Zhongyi Machinery will conduct in-depth research, strengthen element guarantee, ensure construction quality and safety, and speed up the smooth progress of all work against the work objectives and tasks set at the beginning of the year. The government of Sanjie Town must provide accurate services. Every person who provides services for the enterprise truly understands the project and accurately serves the project. It is necessary to take the lead in providing services under the above leadership, accelerate the project progress and ensure the construction quality. With clear work division, responsibility and time, the responsible unit should focus on the enterprise and the project. With more clear responsibilities, more in-depth visits, more effective methods, and more effective supervision, it should do its best to ensure the implementation, time, progress, and quality.

Finally, Chairman Wang Yinan expressed his determination. Thanks to the municipal party committee, municipal government and Sanjie Town party committee and government for their continued support to Zhongyi Machinery. We will live up to the expectations of the leaders. The company will certainly complete the high-end sprocket construction project on time with quality and quantity guaranteed. The construction project of high-grade chain wheel is actually a strong foundation project and upgrading project of parts. The company focuses on machine replacement and technical skills training. This year, it will focus on breaking through high-quality chain wheel forging materials and ultra precision process of chain wheel. It is necessary to make achievements in product quality and brand, fully enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and strive to cultivate Zhongyi Machinery into a national specialized, special and new chain drive enterprise.