Focus on quality improvement standards and promote the innovative development of Shengzhou machinery industry

Report from our correspondent (special reporter building) The third council meeting of the third session of Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association was held in Shijia'ao Green City Yueju Town, Ganlin Town on the morning of March 6, 2017. The meeting should have 24 directors and 22 directors or director representatives actually arrived. Zhou Xiedong, Deputy Director of Shengzhou Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the competent business unit of the Association, and Feng Liangzhong, Section Chief, were invited to attend the meeting. The meeting also invited representatives of members who paid more than 50 million yuan in tax sales in 2016 from Zhejiang Sanding Tools Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Tiansheng Machinery Co., Ltd. to attend the meeting as nonvoting delegates. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary General's Building.

The meeting first summarized the work of the Association in 2016. In 2016, the machinery industry of the city as a whole showed a trend of stabilizing at the bottom and slowly recovering. Since August, production and sales have been booming, and the industry has shown signs of improvement. The output value of enterprises above designated size, main business income, taxes and profits of the city have all increased by a certain margin year-on-year, with the increase of taxes close to 20%. The growth of machinery industry was basically the same as that of industrial industry. The pace of enterprise share reform is accelerating. Five machinery enterprises are listed on the New Third Board, accounting for more than one third of the city. Ten member enterprises are rated as "Top 30 and Top 30 Enterprises in Shengzhou City in 2016", which is the most in recent five years.

In 2016, the work of the Association was vigorous, with rich activities throughout the year, active participation of members, and obvious achievements. The Association actively strives for government departments and policy support for member enterprises. Under the leadership of the new president Wang Yinan, the cohesion of the Association has been enhanced unprecedentedly. Members, especially directors, have united as one, and jointly make suggestions and contributions to the revitalization of the industry.

The participating directors discussed the work arrangement of the Association in 2017 and unanimously adopted the work plan of the Association in 2017.

After discussion, it was agreed that Zhejiang Licheng Printing and Dyeing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., Shengzhou Sanyang Motor Factory, Zhejiang Zhedong Electromechanical Co., Ltd. and other three enterprises were members of the Association. So far, the Association has 76 registered members.

Pan Chunyan, Shengzhou Xinyuan Certified Public Accountants, was invited to give guidance on the policies and methods for enterprises to apply for national high-tech enterprises, and Wei Xiaoxiao, Shengzhou Rural Commercial Bank, was invited to introduce the new enterprise related financial business of the Rural Commercial Bank.

Zhou Xiedong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, also made a speech at the meeting. He put forward requirements for enterprises to participate in drafting international standards, national standards and industrial standards, put forward opinions on the unqualified provincial spot check of some mechanical products, and put forward suggestions on the "Made in Zhejiang" certification of the mechanical industry and the development of sub branches in a group.

At the end of the meeting, President Wang Yinan made a summary and speech. He put forward requirements for the work of the Association in the new year, and put forward new ideas and considerations for the product quality of individual members and the development of industrial integration. It is also hoped that members, especially directors, can communicate more. The Association should build a real bridge between members, members and the government to serve members. Enterprises should also seize the favorable opportunity of the recovery of the machinery industry to promote the whole industry.

The meeting also visited the Green City Science and Technology Farm and the Blue City Agricultural Base, and listened to Li Xuemei, the deputy general manager of the Green City Yueju Town, who introduced the planning of the Yueju Town. Participants thanked the Green City team for the meticulous arrangements and quality services provided for the meeting.