Xu Jianlie, Deputy Secretary of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, investigated the establishment of civilized units

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Zhu Yuxia) On the morning of September 19, Xu Jianlie, Deputy Secretary of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, visited Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. to investigate the work related to the establishment of a national civilized city. Qiu Qingjun, Secretary of the Party Committee of Sanjie Town, and Chen Yong, Mayor of Sanjie Town accompanied the survey.

Xu Jianlian first inspected the Zhongyi Machinery Logistics Center on the spot, and then investigated the middle and high-end production workshops. He emphasized that the 8S management and TPM management of Zhongyi Machinery were carried out in a practical and detailed manner, which ensured the quality of chain drive products. It is hoped that the company will further strengthen the refined management and consolidate the achievements in quality, service and other aspects; It is necessary to constantly find out problems through the team leader's inspection, and take one example against three, so as to find and deal with problems early; The problems and undesirable phenomena in production shall be exposed.

Later, Xu Jianlie listened to the report of Wang Pengcheng, General Manager of Zhongyi Machinery, on the company's work to create a civilized unit. Zhongyi Machinery was named as a civilized unit in Zhejiang Province by the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial People's Government in January 2013, and then successfully passed two rounds of review of civilized units. Wang Pengcheng mainly introduced the main methods for the establishment of civilized units of the company: 1. The establishment organization is sound, and the party and government leaders work together; 2. Deeply carry out the educational activities of "two studies and one action", and give play to the exemplary role of Party members; 3. Create learning atmosphere and promote corporate culture; 4. Pay attention to publicity and education, and cultivate a sense of social responsibility; 5. Strengthen democratic management and strictly observe disciplines and laws; 6. Attach importance to environmental protection and create an ecological working environment; 7. Highlight benefit innovation and lead the chain drive industry; 8. Improve the civilized quality of employees in combination with the national civilized city building activities.

After listening to the report, Deputy Secretary Xu fully affirmed the practice of our company's creation activities, and emphasized that we should further create an atmosphere of concern, support and participation of the whole society, and actively mobilize enterprise employees to join the team of civilized creation. Training, lectures and other activities should be carried out among the staff of the enterprise to make the concept of civilized creation deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; We should actively carry out various voluntary activities to help build a civilized city in China. The whole city should continue to promote the creation of a national civilized city and achieve an overall improvement of the city's comprehensive civilization level.