He Guoying, Director of the Standing Committee of Shengzhou Municipal People's Congress, came to the company to offer condolences before the festival

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Zhu Yuxia) On the afternoon of February 7, 2018, a delegation led by He Guoying, Director of the Standing Committee of Shengzhou Municipal People's Congress, and Xu Kaisheng, Secretary of Shengzhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, expressed their condolences to Liu Dong, a Zhongyi mechanical worker in difficulty.

He Guoying had a chat with Liu Dong to learn more about his current working and living conditions, including his wife and children, accommodation, salary, etc. He encouraged him to say that difficulties are temporary, that he should be confident in the future, overcome current difficulties, and face future life with a positive attitude. Liu Dong, from Anhui, has three children with his wife. Liu Dong's wife has been seriously ill at home for more than two years. She owes some debts for medical treatment. All three children go to school, causing difficulties in life. Finally, He Guoying sent condolences to Liu Dong and wished them a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. At the same time, the government of Sanjie Town and Zhongyi Machinery are required to care about the life of difficult workers and help solve the practical difficulties in life.

It is reported that the Party branch and the trade union of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. provide employees with services such as assistance, mutual support and logistical life in daily work and life, and establish a four level file for employees in need. Adhere to the institutionalization, routinization and service of assistance work, such as providing warmth in winter, providing cool in summer, helping students in golden autumn, pairing assistance, emergency assistance, and mutual assistance guarantee. In the past three years, the company has used 150000 yuan of comfort materials and money for visiting and helping needy employees, and 26 people have visited and helped needy employees. The 2018 Spring Festival Warm Sending Activity visited more than 8 families of needy workers. Zhongyi Machinery adheres to the system of helping party members and cadres in pairs, and insists on carrying out warm visits and condolence activities, so that employees can feel the care of the organization and the warmth of the enterprise family.