Shengzhou CPPCC Chairman Sun Hairong and his delegation inspected Zhongyi Machinery

Our correspondent (Zhu Yuxia) On May 11, a delegation led by Sun Hairong, Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, Yuan Huiyao, Yang Jun, Zhu Liwen, Zhang Keqing, and Shi Ping, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, inspected Zhongyi Machinery, and Qian Qunfei, Vice Mayor, was invited to attend. Wang Yinan, Chairman of Zhongyi Machinery, accompanied him.

At about 9:00 a.m., a delegation of more than 30 people led by President Sun Ronghai inspected the Zhongyi Mechanical Intelligent Logistics Center and the chain drive production workshop. President Wang Yinan briefly introduced the chain drive production process and the construction of "Zhongyi Craftsman" skilled talents.

Adhering to the principle of "quality is life", Zhongyi Machinery has long been committed to the construction of "Zhongyi craftsman" skilled talents. It took the lead in implementing school enterprise cooperation. In 2006, it was awarded the "Zhejiang Vocational Education Off campus Practice Demonstration Base". The enterprise has a continuous flow of skilled talents. We steadily promoted post training and continued to carry out independent evaluation of vocational skills. In 2012, we won the "Zhejiang Province Enterprise Skilled Talents Evaluation Standardization System Construction Base". All employees under 35 years of age of the company have vocational qualification and skill level certificates above intermediate level workers, and 91 senior workers and technicians. Actively participate in the skills competition of county, city and provincial employees, strive to cultivate "high, precise and top" technicians, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises.

It is reported that this inspection by the leaders of the CPPCC Municipal Committee was carried out around the theme of "the construction of our city's skilled talent team". The participants visited Zhejiang Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. and the Municipal Vocational Education Center, and listened to the report on the construction of the city's skilled personnel team. In recent years, our city has vigorously implemented the three-year action plan for building a team of highly skilled talents, established and improved the mechanism for training, introducing, using, encouraging and ensuring skilled talents, innovatively promoted vocational skills training, vigorously promoted the "craftsmanship spirit", and cultivated and introduced a batch of highly skilled talents urgently needed in the industry by closely combining the "seven modernizations action" of advanced manufacturing, modern service industry, strategic emerging industry development and traditional industry transformation and upgrading, It provides a strong guarantee for skilled personnel for "Made in Shengzhou". It is understood that there are 78700 skilled talents in the city, including 10500 highly skilled talents. At least 6000 skilled talents are cultivated every year, including about 2000 highly skilled talents. The participants put forward their opinions and suggestions on strengthening the construction of skilled talent team, improving the talent training mechanism, optimizing the talent development environment and other aspects around the negotiation theme.

Sun Hairong pointed out that skilled talents are an important part of the talent team and play an irreplaceable role in accelerating industrial optimization and upgrading, improving enterprise competitiveness, promoting technological innovation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements. All relevant departments in the city should enhance their ideological awareness and create better conditions for the construction of skilled personnel team; It is necessary to enhance the strength of work promotion, and enhance the professional attraction by strengthening overall coordination, actively exploring and innovating, and continuously strengthening the guarantee; We should improve the viscosity of in-depth integration, and strive to solve the problem of shortage of technical talents in high-end industries; We should raise the temperature of atmosphere building, and strive to create a social atmosphere of glorious labor, dedication to work and respect for skills.