Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary Investigates the Construction of Zhongyi Machinery

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Zhu Yuxia) On the afternoon of March 14, 2018, Sun Zhejun, Secretary of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee, once again visited the Sanjie New Plant of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. to investigate the construction of the high-end sprocket project, accompanied by Qiu Qingjun, Secretary of the Sanjie Town Party Committee, and Wang Yinan, Chairman of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd.

The new plant of Zhongyi Machinery is located in the provincial high-tech park of Sanjie Town. Zhongyi Machinery has invested 200 million yuan to build and build a high-end chain wheel production base. In this research activity, Chairman Wang Yinan introduced the current construction progress and subsequent planning of high-grade chain wheels in detail for Secretary Sun, and also introduced the project establishment progress of Zhejiang manufacturing standard - Special Chain Wheel Series for Agricultural Machinery. Secretary Sun also inspected the construction of the project and the greening and beautification of the plant area. Secretary Sun expected Zhongyi Machinery to seize the opportunity of the development of the chain drive industry, drive it by technology, and build a more intelligent and efficient platform for chain drive manufacturing and sales.

It is expected that by the end of the year, Zhongyi Machinery's high-grade sprocket project will be completed. At that time, a national level testing center will be set up, fully automatic production equipment will be operated, and the product production process will be improved to form a production capacity of 5 million high-grade sprockets annually, helping Zhongyi Machinery to develop more professionally, more precisely, and more specifically.

The completion of the construction of high-grade chain wheels will not only further improve the production efficiency of Zhongyi Machinery, but also greatly improve the product process. It will also become one of the most efficient and intelligent production bases in the chain drive industry. In the future, Zhongyi Machinery will adhere to scientific and technological innovation as the center, deeply implement technology driven development, and build a leading enterprise of technology, intelligence, and science and technology.

Secretary Sun went to Zhongyi Machinery for investigation and research, and expressed the concern and support of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government for Zhongyi Machinery. The vigorous development of Zhongyi Machinery cannot be separated from the support of governments at all levels. It is precisely because of the strong support of the government and all sectors of society that Zhongyi Machinery feels confident. It is not only necessary to make the brand of Zhongyi Machinery stronger, but also to contribute to "Made in Zhejiang".