The company organizes and carries out the training activities of "Safe Production Month" in 2020

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Yin Zuguo) This June is the 19th "Safe Production Month" in China. In order to effectively do a good job in 2020's "Safe Production Month" and safety production in summer, strengthen the safety responsibility awareness of all employees, implement the theme of "eliminating potential accidents and building a strong safety defense line", and improve the safety prevention and emergency response capabilities of all employees, on the afternoon of June 13, The company organized the "Safety Production Month" training activity in 2020, and more than 130 people from the company's leadership, departments and teams participated in the training.




The training was mainly delivered by the expert group of Hangzhou Jiping Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. First of all, Li Bin, an expert in safety management, started from the notice of the Emergency Management Department of the State Council on the implementation of the 2020 national "Work Safety Month" and "Work Safety Miles" activities, and gave a detailed lecture on the overall idea of the "Work Safety Month", the content of the National Work Safety Month activities, and the specific requirements of the activities.   It focused on how to carry out the special activity of "inspection and rectification in progress", how to use OGSM-T to formulate the content and plan of safety month activities, and how to prepare and implement the organization plan of "big action to eliminate hidden dangers" activities. The management personnel at all levels who listened to the lecture benefited greatly and had strong operability.




Then, Chen Gaogong, a safety management expert from Hangzhou Jiping Enterprise Management Consulting Company, explained various safety management systems, safety work methods and key points of daily work inspection. We also organized everyone to watch the warning educational film "Review of Typical Cases of Production Safety Accidents in 2019", which classified the recent national typical cases of production safety accidents, described the three levels of illegal operations, safety awareness paralysis and blind rescue, and gave the employees involved in training deep safety warnings.

Finally, General Manager Wang Pengcheng put forward three requirements for work safety education, rules and regulations construction, "Work Safety Month" activities, etc.: First, strengthen safety education, improve the safety awareness and prevention ability of all staff, especially new staff must carry out "three-level education" according to work characteristics before taking up their posts; The second is to clarify work responsibilities, adhere to standardized work procedures, innovate work methods, constantly improve the normalized supervision and inspection work mechanism, always focus on the grassroots and the front line of the enterprise, and maintain the situation of high pressure and strict management; The third is to lay a solid foundation for safety and work tirelessly. During the "Safe Production Month" activity, we will focus on weak links to eliminate potential safety hazards, highlight key areas, and take protective measures to ensure the stability of safe production.

Through this training, we further strengthened the red line awareness, safety rule of law and safety responsibility awareness of all staff, laid a solid foundation for the improvement of the company's safety production level, and created a good safety production atmosphere for the company.