The Second Council Meeting of the Fourth Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association was held successfully

The second meeting of the fourth council of Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association was held in the conference room on the second floor of the new factory of Zhejiang Universal Spring Machinery Co., Ltd. on the morning of March 3, 2022. 31 directors should be present at the meeting, and 28 directors and supervisors were actually present. Sun Saijian, Deputy Director of Shengzhou Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, Lei Mengna, Gong Yiqun, Talent Section, Feng Liangzhong, Section Chief of Shengzhou Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision and Administration, and other leaders were invited to attend the meeting. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary General's Building.

The meeting analyzed and exchanged the operation of the city's machinery industry in 2021 and summarized the work of the Association. In 2021, the centennial changes of the world will interweave with the century epidemic, the international political and economic pattern will be profoundly adjusted, and the complexity of the external environment will be unprecedented. Since the third quarter, the machinery industry has also faced severe challenges caused by multiple factors, such as slowing economic growth, declining major economic indicators, and increasing downward pressure on operation. According to statistics, from January to December, there were 161 mechanical enterprises above designated size in the city, with an output value of 11.71 billion yuan, main business income of 11.344 billion yuan, profits of 636.43 million yuan, and taxes of 27.185 million yuan. The economic indicators such as production and marketing still rank first among the top ten industries in the city, and the machinery industry is the only one among the top ten industrial industries in the city to achieve a main revenue of more than 10 billion. Three machinery enterprises were awarded "Top 30", and nine machinery enterprises were awarded "Top 30".

In 2021, the Association will actively carry out various work with the support of relevant departments and all members. The fourth general meeting was held to successfully complete the transition of the Association; Successfully obtained the qualification for the evaluation of intermediate technical titles, and completed the evaluation of preliminary and intermediate mechanical and electrical titles in the city; Sign a cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Institute of Technology to build a school enterprise land community; Recommend the first set of products in Zhejiang Province and Shaoxing City, and member enterprises have won a number of major honors; Participate in epidemic prevention and control, issue a proposal, and make efforts to prevent epidemic in the city; Promote the construction of industrial digitalization and serve the industrial transformation and upgrading. The Association has won the honors of Shaoxing Excellent Industrial Association, 5A social organization, Shengzhou Brand Social Organization, etc.

The participating directors discussed the work arrangement of the Association in 2022 proposed by the Secretariat and agreed on the work plan of the Association in 2022.

After discussion, it was agreed that Shaoxing Lingyang Robot Co., Ltd., Shengzhou Huayuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., Shengzhou Guangtu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Shengzhou Branch of Postal Savings Bank were members of the Association.

Gong Shaohua, Vice President of Postal Savings Bank, was invited to give an "interpretation of the trend of credit policies of banks supporting the real economy".

Sun Saijian, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, made a speech on the city's industrial economic policies and the evaluation of professional titles. The staff of the Bureau of Economy and Information Technology issued the relevant policy materials of the city's economy and talents at the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, President Wang Yinan made a summary. He hoped that the first thing for all directors was to correctly understand the current situation, take intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of attack, and help Shengzhou's machinery industry develop with high quality during the 14th Five Year Plan period. The second is to mobilize employees to participate in the evaluation of professional titles and provide talent support for high-quality development. Third, the Association should "serve well" the government and enterprises, form a joint force from top to bottom, and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of the industry and the influence of the Association.