Learn from each other and work together to improve the visit of the delegates to the second general meeting of the seventh session

According to the agenda of the second general meeting of the seventh session, more than 60 enterprise presidents and representatives visited the company on the morning of the 21st.

Wang Yinan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company, extended a warm welcome to all the presidents and representatives, and personally accompanied them to visit. Chairman Wang introduced the company's market operation in detail and answered various questions raised by the representatives one by one. The representatives took cameras, cameras or notebooks to ask, record and photograph from time to time. They were deeply impressed with the management of Zhongyi, especially the on-site management, and put forward many constructive suggestions.

Wang Minliang, the secretary-general of the association, said, "The purpose of this visit is to learn from each other, improve together, and make the industry bigger and stronger by improving the management level. There are indeed many aspects of Zhongyi's management, especially the on-site management, that other enterprises can learn from and learn from, and the visit is worthwhile for the CEOs."

The original half hour visit turned into an hour, and the bosses were still reluctant to part with it.