Welcome Speech of the Second Session of the Seventh General Assembly of Chain Drive Branch

Respected President Liu Yuanjie, Respected Mayor Qi Fangliang, Respected President Xuan Bihua, Respected President Zhu Shanxiang, Respected Advisor Li Wenhu, Leaders, Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning!

In the golden autumn of October, with the fragrance of osmanthus and the blossom of chrysanthemums, we gather in Shengzhou, a small city in the south of the Yangtze River, to discuss the current situation of the mechanical chain drive industry, seek opportunities for development, and work together to develop the industry. First of all, please allow me to represent Zhejiang Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd., the sponsor of the conference, In my own name, I would like to extend my warm congratulations on the opening of the Third Council of the Seventh Session and the Second General Assembly of the Seventh Session of the Chain Drive Branch of China Machinery General Parts Association, and extend my warm welcome to all distinguished guests who have come from afar.

Shengzhou is located in the east of Zhejiang Province, bordering Hangzhou in the north and Ningbo in the east. It is the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone. It is one of the first batch of counties and cities with open economy in China, and one of the top 100 counties and cities with a total population of 740000. Shengzhou, with beautiful mountains and rivers and numerous talents, is the hometown of Ma Yinchu, a famous economist and population theorist, Liu Wenxi, a contemporary literary painter, Ma Xiaochun, a go player, and Yuan Xuefen, Fan Ruijuan, and Fu Quanyou, famous performing artists of Yue Opera. Shengzhou is a nationally famous "Yueju Opera Town", "Tie Town", "Weiqi Town", "Tea Town", "Bamboo Weaving Town", and "Root Art Town". In recent years, it has also been named China's "Kitchenware City", "Electroacoustic Parts City", "Silk Knitted Garment Production Base", and "Small Power Motor Production Base".

Shengzhou has obvious industrial economic characteristics. In recent years, under the main line of the work of the municipal party committee and the municipal government of "strengthening the city through industry and benefiting the people in harmony", three industrial clusters of neckwear and clothing, mechanical motors, and electrical appliances and kitchenware have been gradually formed. As a local pillar industry, mechanical chain wheels have more than 50 manufacturers, more than 4000 employees, a deep industrial foundation, and complete supporting facilities. At present, they have become the main export base of mechanical chain wheels nationwide.

The financial crisis broke out in the second half of 2008, which caused heavy damage to the mechanical chain drive industry. In the face of the crisis, our colleagues in the chain drive industry worked together to overcome the difficulties, took pressure as the driving force, and went out in all directions to find a way out. Some of us seized the opportunity to implement transformation and upgrading; Some increase investment in technological transformation, pay close attention to management, strengthen talent reserve, and seek benefits from management; Some tap the potential from within, save energy and reduce consumption, and do everything possible to reduce costs; What's more, we should blaze new trails, take the road of diversified development, and reduce business risks. The situation of the annual meeting last year is still vivid. At that time, the faces of the delegates were full of anxiety, anxiety and confusion. But from the brilliant smiles of the delegates today, we can feel that the whole industry has stepped out of the haze of the financial crisis and entered the stage of restorative growth. "A thousand sails are sailing by the side of the sinking boat, and thousands of trees are in front of the diseased tree." The second spring of the industry development we expect is coming.

The financial crisis has taught us a lesson and made us deeply reflect on our past business behavior; The financial crisis also enlightens us that risks are everywhere and the society is changing rapidly. Only by being prepared for danger in times of peace can we prevent problems from happening; The financial crisis gives us more thoughts on how to resist risks in the business process, how to make enterprises develop healthily and sustainably, and how to build a mechanism for enterprises with a history of 100 years. From this perspective, the financial crisis is our teacher.

The theme of the conference is "learning, cooperation and innovation". The conference will focus on the "12th Five Year Plan" development plan of the chain drive industry, and discuss and review the "initiative on building a cooperative development mechanism for the chain drive industry". We believe that, under the careful organization of the conference secretariat and through the joint efforts of the participants, the conference must be a conference for mutual exchange, learning and reference, and seeking cooperation and common promotion, The meeting of setting sail and pioneering innovation will surely leave a significant mark in the history of the Chain Drive Association.

"It's a delight to have friends coming from afar!" Let me once again express my thanks for your coming, and sincerely hope to put forward valuable suggestions to our company. I hope you can come here and return with satisfaction.

Finally, I wish this conference a complete success, and I wish our chain drive industry a more brilliant performance in 2010.

Thank you!