"Twelfth Five Year" Development Plan of Chain Drive Industry

1、 Guiding ideology of the "12th Five Year Plan" development

The "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period is a critical time for China's economic adjustment, a strategic opportunity for a new round of economic development in the world after the international financial crisis, and the most critical period for China's chain drive industry to "grow from big to strong".

We should take the Scientific Outlook on Development as the guide. First, we should accelerate the transformation of the economic development mode as the main line of the industry development, accurately grasp the characteristics of the "12th Five Year Plan" period, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In setting the development goals of the industry during the "12th Five Year Plan", we must strengthen the goal orientation of sustainable, stable and healthy development, and make breakthroughs in the adjustment of the industry structure and the transformation of the development mode. Adhere to the adjustment of industrial structure and the optimization and upgrading of product structure; Adhere to improving the ability of independent innovation and promoting scientific and technological progress, strengthen talent support, optimize the development environment, expand the development space, actively cultivate new economic growth points of industries and enterprises, and effectively enhance the new vitality, power and guarantee ability of sustainable development of the industry; Adhere to the implementation of brand strategy, improve core competitiveness, and build an international independent brand; Adhere to guiding the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, and improve the quality and efficiency of industrial economic growth; Insist on strengthening energy conservation and emission reduction; We should focus on building a modern industrial system with industry characteristics, implement the "going global" strategy, promote leapfrog development of enterprises, and strive to accelerate the realization of the goal of making China a strong country in chain drive product manufacturing.

2、 "Twelfth Five Year Plan" Development Goals

1. Overall goal: By the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, through five years of efforts, China's chain drive industry will move from the middle level among international peers to the middle and high-end level, laying a more solid foundation for achieving the grand goal of "manufacturing power"; Strive to make China one of the world's leading chain drive product manufacturers after another five years of effort.

2. Vision and objectives during the "12th Five Year Plan" period:

(1) Development speed: continue to maintain the momentum of steady and rapid development. The average annual growth rate of all major economic indicators reached double digits.

(2) Brand building: 2-3 internationally recognized independent well-known brands; The brand series of special chain with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness has been initially formed.

(3) Value of innovative products: accounting for more than 25% of the total industrial output value of the industry.

(4) Comprehensive strength of enterprises: strive to have 5-10 enterprises reach the international advanced level and 1/3 of large and medium-sized backbone enterprises reach the domestic advanced level.

(5) Utilization rate of raw materials: increase by 10%

(6) Reduce energy consumption per unit added value by 15%, and reduce pollution discharge by 20%

(7) Self owned brand: strive to reach 30%

3、 Key Breakthrough Points in the "Twelfth Five Year Plan"

The "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period is the most critical period for China's chain drive industry to "grow from big to strong". The key is to break through the bottleneck that has restricted the industry from growing stronger for a long time, namely: (1) the implementation, improvement and quality assurance of the standards for special steel used in the chain industry. (2) The upgrading of chain drive manufacturing equipment. (3) Key core technologies of chain drive products and their localization and industrialization. (4) Optimize the chain drive industry chain and expand the modern manufacturing service industry.

4、 Key Tasks of the Twelfth Five Year Plan

First, vigorously promote structural adjustment and accelerate the transformation of industry development mode.

Second, adhere to independent innovation, promote scientific and technological progress, and vigorously promote the development of industry technology.

Third, actively promote the work of striving for famous brands at home and abroad.

Fourth, improve management and vigorously promote the transformation from traditional management to modern management.

Fifth, further strengthen the effective integration and cultivation of human resources and talents.

Sixth, focus on promoting the development of modern manufacturing service industry of chain drive industry.