Three projects of our company passed the municipal completion acceptance

Our News [Reporter Luo Guoxun] Recently, the 6-storey office building, 1 # and 2 # dormitory buildings and canteen construction projects invested by our company in Sanjie Industrial Cluster successfully passed the municipal completion acceptance. The completion of this project marks a significant increase in the strength of Zhongyi Machinery, the world's largest production base of mechanical chain wheels, and lays a solid foundation for the second pioneering development of Zhongyi Machinery.

Founded in 1954, our company is a private enterprise specializing in the production of mechanical chain wheels, belt pulleys and gears. Through 60 years of continuous and rapid development, the company has become one of the largest enterprises specializing in the production of mechanical chain wheels and gears in China and even in the world. Especially in recent years, affected by the global financial crisis, the machinery industry has been hit unprecedentedly, leading to weak market and fierce business competition. However, under the correct leadership of a group of company leaders headed by Chairman Wang Yinan, the company worked together to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties on the way forward, so that the enterprise not only firmly stood on its feet, consolidated its foundation, but also won new and greater development.

In order to ensure the realization of the development goal of the company's second venture, Chairman Wang Yinan personally drew a new blueprint for the construction of Zhongyi Machinery with the unique vision and courage of entrepreneurs. Since June 2010, in accordance with the principle of high starting point planning, high standard design and high quality construction, the company has invested in the construction of Zhongyi Machinery Auxiliary Building Project in the industrial cluster of Sanjie Town, including the 6-storey frame office building project, the 6-storey brick concrete 1 # and 2 # dormitory building project, and the 2-storey frame canteen building project. These projects are novel in design, unique in decoration and elegant in appearance. They are fully invested by the company, designed by Hangzhou Zhonghan Architectural Design Co., Ltd., and constructed by Zhejiang Baosha Construction Co., Ltd.

At the recently held project completion acceptance meeting, leaders and professionals from the municipal quality supervision department and other departments who participated in the project acceptance, after listening to the reports on the project quality from relevant design, construction, supervision and other units and investigating the site of the completed project, believed that the construction quality of these three projects had reached the qualified quality standards, and unanimously agreed that the project had passed the completion acceptance.