Our company has made great achievements in establishing a provincial civilized unit

News from our newspaper (Reporter Luo Guoxun) Since 2006, our company has carried out the creation of civilized units at all levels. Through the design of carriers, innovative ideas, and joint management, we have achieved fruitful results in the creation of civilization. In 2012, our company was named "Civilized Unit in Zhejiang Province" by the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government.

For a long time, Our company always regards the creation work as the "top leader" "Engineering is the most important work. We have successively established a three-level management network of the company, factory headquarters and workshops. Each management network organization has a clear division of labor. Responsibilities and tasks are assigned to each group and person, and each level is assigned to each level. At the same time, the company has deployed, implemented and assessed civilized construction with production, business and sales. It has closely linked individuals with the collective, and enterprises with society All workers realize that the creation of civilization is everyone's business, everyone has responsibilities, everyone has obligations, and everyone stresses civilization, so as to achieve a good atmosphere of everyone's participation and comprehensive creation.

Zhongyi Machinery started from a small workshop. After 60 years of accumulation, it has formed its own unique corporate culture. For a long time, the company has put the improvement of employees' overall quality in a prominent position, adhered to the policy of paying equal attention to employees' physical and mental health and vocational skills training, and strived to create a "learning enterprise". In the case of busy production, the company always insists on a weekly factory meeting and a daily morning meeting for employees. It has formed a good atmosphere for all staff to learn and consciously learn. At the same time, the company and Shengzhou Vocational and Technical School jointly held a reading party or skill training, actively creating conditions to provide employees with learning opportunities such as skill training and academic education. Hundreds of employees of the company have become "versatile workers" who live up to their name and are specialized in one specialty and versatile through their efforts to obtain advanced CNC professional technical certificates. In addition, the company actively conducts evaluation activities such as excellent workshop directors, excellent team leaders and excellent employees every month, and the evaluation results are published on the wall. For those who have made outstanding contributions and achieved remarkable achievements, the company used the "Zhongyi Voice" and the exhibition board to carry out publicity and report, and strive to create a good atmosphere of comparison, learning, catching up, and surpassing, and creating a strong and competitive atmosphere.

Over the years, the company has held various kinds of reading meetings or training classes, actively carrying out publicity and education on the scientific concept of development, the basic line and basic program of the party. We will implement the Guidelines for the Implementation of Civic Ethics, and effectively strengthen ideological and moral construction. Through setting up public service billboards, issuing public service advertisements, compiling blackboard newspapers, publicity windows, publishing the Voice of Zhongyi, etc., publicity and education on civilization and etiquette, "three virtues" and integrity are carried out to employees with great fanfare. Not only that, the company also made use of the morning meeting every morning to educate employees on their outlook on life and values, thus effectively improving their lofty ideals and beliefs.

The company continuously improved its democratic management system, made factory affairs public, made collective decisions on major issues, communicated in a timely manner, and did not make a single statement. Establish a reasonable suggestion encouragement system. The company has set up internal communication networks such as suggestion boxes and information websites to carefully listen to employees' opinions and suggestions on the company, actively promote two-way communication between leaders and employees, encourage equal dialogue between superiors and subordinates, and ensure that employees' legitimate rights and interests are not violated. Not only that, the company also takes the goal of building "safety and benefits", brings the comprehensive public security management and safety production work into the company's important agenda, signs the comprehensive management and safety production responsibility letter, and ensures that the comprehensive management and safety production work are implemented., Therefore, over the years, the company has not had a public security, criminal case, nor a major production safety accident.

Enterprise environment is the face of spiritual civilization construction. The company has always attached great importance to environmental improvement, energy conservation, emission reduction and recycling, and strives to build a green and environment-friendly enterprise. Through comprehensive construction and transformation, Lushan Branch of the Company has been surrounded by green trees, clean and beautiful environment, and all environmental indicators have reached the national environmental indicators; The construction project of the six storey office building, 1 # and 2 # dormitory buildings and canteen of Sanjie New Factory invested by the company has recently passed the municipal completion acceptance. Cement roads in the plant area extend in all directions. Many precious flowers and trees, such as gingko, magnolia grandiflora and cinnamomum cassia, are planted on the road and the fence. A large number of animals, such as sika deer, horses, sheep, peacocks and caragana, are cultivated in the plant area, which are popular, creating a working and living environment with natural and cultural landscapes. It provides guarantee for employees' study, life, leisure and entertainment.

Since its establishment, the company has set up the factory with the tenet of "getting rich and giving back to the society", and actively responded to the call of "helping the poor again, paying taxes again, and getting employed again" advocated by governments at all levels. Over the years, the company has always taken social responsibility as its responsibility and obligation, supported education, paid attention to charity, and made great contributions to the construction of "harmonious Shengzhou". Not only that, the company also cooperates with Shengzhou Vocational and Technical School to donate CNC and machining center machine tools, establish "CNC machining center training base", and cultivate professional and technical talents. Dozens of skilled workers are resettled every year, effectively promoting the development of vocational skills education and local economy in Shengzhou.

Over the years, the company has regarded the establishment of civilized units as a booster and effective carrier to promote the development of the enterprise, and has always been unremitting and persistent, so that the two civilization constructions have achieved fruitful results, and the company's output value, sales, profits and taxes and other major economic indicators have increased year by year. In recent years, the company has successively won the honorary titles of "National Advanced Enterprise of Independent Innovation", "China Machinery Industry Management Demonstration Enterprise", "Special, Refined and Special" enterprise in China's machinery general parts industry. It is reported that this award is the first among many machinery industries in our city and even in Shaoxing. At present, the company has developed into one of the largest chain wheel, gear and belt pulley manufacturers in the world.