Our company actively completes the reevaluation and inspection of provincial civilized units

Our correspondent (reporter Zhong Yixuan): In recent days, the company has made joint efforts to do a good job in the review of provincial civilized units.

It is reported that our company was named as a civilized unit in Zhejiang Province by the provincial party committee and government in 2012. It has been nearly two years since we won this honor. According to the requirements for the establishment of civilized units in the province, the provincial and municipal civilization committees will send personnel every two years and conduct civilized unit re evaluation and assessment on the establishment units according to the provincial civilized unit standards. At present, the Company's provincial civilized unit re evaluation is imminent. In order to meet the provincial and municipal civilized unit re evaluation by the provincial and municipal civilization committees with practical actions, the General Manager's Office, as the leading organization and coordination department of the Company, has carefully arranged and carefully deployed the provincial civilized unit re evaluation. On the one hand, while collecting all kinds of information in a timely manner and carefully writing the summary of the company's civilization building work in the past two years, we truthfully filled in the relevant data involved. On the other hand, since the middle of March this year, 6S on-site management inspection has been carried out for each production workshop on a daily basis, and problems found out have been reported in a timely manner, and suggestions for rectification within a time limit have been made. Not only that, the company also conducts 6S on-site management scoring and assessment for each workshop foreman and workshop director every month, and produces advanced 6S management collective through monthly evaluation. The subordinate workshops of the company take the re evaluation and acceptance of the provincial civilized units of the company as their responsibility. On the basis of focusing on the output value, output, quality, delivery date and other work, they make full use of the morning morning meeting of employees to effectively strengthen the publicity and education of employees' civilized etiquette, 6S management and other knowledge, and achieve a level by level, level by level implementation. Thus, it has effectively improved the comprehensive quality of employees and boosted the comprehensive development of the company's two civilization construction.