The implementation of the OA system project of Zhongyi Machinery was fully launched

Our correspondent (reporter Zhong Yixuan) On the afternoon of November 6, Zhongyi Machinery held a kick-off meeting for the 0A system project to fully deploy and implement the implementation plan and tasks of the 0A system project. This indicates that Zhejiang Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has fully launched the 0A system project.

With the continuous development and expansion of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd., the company has developed into a scale of three major plant areas, which are distributed in urban areas and Sanjie Town respectively. Due to the dispersion of the plant area and the difficulty in concentrating the personnel, it has brought a lot of inconvenience to the implementation of enterprise management and other aspects. In order to effectively improve the company's office efficiency, standardize the office process, improve the execution, and integrate the cohesion of employees, Zhongyi Machinery, after comprehensive consideration and screening, decided to introduce Kingdee OA system, fully implement the 0A system project in the company's three major plants, and conduct management.

The OA system project of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. will be carried out in an all-round way within the company based on the principle of "overall planning and step-by-step implementation". Specifically, carry out the first phase implementation of the 0A system project with key process approval, e-mail management, notification, announcement, document management and other contents, and integrate the account of the company's independently developed MIS system with the account of the OA system to achieve the same platform operation. On this basis, we will comprehensively expand all process management and collaborative approval of all departments, integrate them into the OA system, achieve paperless office work, use safe and efficient expense reimbursement processes, and achieve off-site approval and reimbursement; Complete the implementation of Phase II plan of 0A system project in terms of remote video conference, project management and monitoring project implementation.

It is reported that the implementation project of Zhongyi Machinery 0A system will start the preliminary basic data preparation from the middle of November, and the blueprint design will be determined at the end of November. The system installation, commissioning and training will be carried out by the middle of December, and the project completion acceptance will be carried out by the end of December.