Zhang Jinchu, Deputy Director of Shengzhou Municipal People's Congress, and Kong Zhigang, Deputy Mayor, investigated Zhongyi Machinery

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Wang Fangyong) On May 12, Zhang Jinchu, Deputy Director of Shengzhou Municipal People's Congress, Kong Zhigang, Deputy Mayor, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Provincial High tech Zone and Secretary of the Party Committee of Sanjie Town, and other people came to Zhongyi Machinery for research, accompanied by Wang Pengcheng, General Manager of the company.

Deputy Director Zhang, Deputy Mayor Kong and other leaders first visited the logistics center and production workshop of Sanjie New Factory, and inspected the production process of chain drive products. Then we inquired in detail the proportion of the company's internal expenditure on R&D funds in the main business income, the number of effective invention patents, the manufacturing industry's quality competitiveness index, the manufacturing industry's value-added rate, the growth rate of the manufacturing industry's overall labor productivity, the popularity of digital R&D design tools, the numerical control rate of key processes, the decline of industrial value-added energy consumption, and the decline of carbon dioxide emissions per unit of industrial added value, The decline of water consumption per unit of industrial added value, the comprehensive utilization rate of industrial solid waste and other indicators. At the same time, the company fully affirmed that the company has invested 50 million yuan in implementing the machine replacement project in the past three years, especially by introducing the German management model, hiring German senior managers, focusing on the development of agricultural machinery chain wheels, gears, gearboxes and other products according to customer samples, expanding the European agricultural machinery market and other measures, which have promoted the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise. Finally, the leaders hope that Zhongyi Machinery will continue to promote the rapid development and innovation of chain drive products and further expand the influence of Zhongyi Machinery's chain drive products at home and abroad.