Wuyi Equipment Manufacturing Association visited China and Italy for investigation and exchange

News from our correspondent Wang Fangyong On July 29, a delegation of 22 from Wuyi County Equipment Manufacturing Association came to visit the new factory of Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd. Wang Yinan, chairman of Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association and chairman of Zhongyi Machinery, accompanied him.

At about 10 a.m., the delegation visited Zhongyi Machinery Logistics Center, production workshop, testing center and research and development center, and learned about the current production and operation of Zhongyi Machinery, new products and practical patents developed by the company. Later, representatives of Wuyi Equipment Manufacturing Association and Zhongyi Machinery held a symposium. At the symposium, Chairman Wang Yinan, on behalf of Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association and Zhongyi Machinery, warmly welcomed the delegation of Wuyi Equipment Manufacturing Association. He said that the investigation of Wuyi Equipment Manufacturing Association was a trip to deepen the exchanges between the two mechanical industries. He drew a blueprint for cooperation between the two regions from three aspects: deepening strategic cooperation, strengthening mutual visits and exchanges, and promoting project cooperation, and gave deep expectations for promoting the new development of the two mechanical industry associations.

It is reported that the equipment manufacturing industry in Wuyi County started early. After continuous development and adjustment, especially through the vigorous development during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, the blocky economy of the equipment manufacturing industry has become prominent, initially forming four distinctive equipment manufacturing systems: transportation equipment manufacturing, general and special equipment manufacturing, electric tool manufacturing and agricultural machinery manufacturing. At present, Wuyi County is in a critical period of industrialization. Accelerating the development of equipment manufacturing industry is an inevitable choice for Wuyi County to promote the strategic adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate the construction of modern industrial system and realize industrialization.

It is also learned that Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association has more than 20 governing units, including Zhejiang Forging, Zhongyi Machinery, Shuangniao Machinery, Shaoxing Jiangnan Forging, and more than 100 enterprises registered to join the Association. Shengzhou's machinery industry has obvious characteristics, which is mainly composed of sub industries such as mechanical equipment, mechanical parts, hardware tools and auto and motorcycle accessories. Machinery and equipment mainly include forging machinery, crushing machinery, refrigeration equipment, lifting machinery, textile machinery, spring machinery, tea machinery and other products, among which the press, ultra micro pulverizer and other products have high popularity among domestic peers; Mechanical parts mainly include chain wheels, gears, bearings, refrigeration accessories, textile machinery accessories and other products. Mechanical chain wheels are one of the three major export bases in China, and Zhongyi Machinery is the key export base in China's chain wheel industry; Hardware tools mainly include screwdrivers, hoists, jacks and other products. Leading enterprises have a high position in the domestic counterparts; Auto and motorcycle parts are emerging industries, mainly including automobile shock absorbers, clutches and other products, and a number of backbone enterprises have been formed. At present, Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association has begun to formulate the 13th Five Year Innovation Strategy, actively implement the upgrading strategy of "innovation driven, integration of two technologies, and three top four replacement", stick to the business of nature, and promote the machinery products to move towards the middle and high-end.