Chen Lingfang, Mayor of Shengzhou City, came to Zhongyi Machinery for special research

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Wang Fangyong) On the morning of November 23, Chen Lingfang, Deputy Secretary of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, conducted a special survey on the construction project of Zhongyi Machinery's high-grade chain wheel. Kong Zhigang, Vice Mayor of Shengzhou, and other leaders participated in the survey. Wang Yinan, Chairman of Zhongyi Machinery, accompanied him.

Mayor Chen Lingfang and his delegation visited Zhongyi Machinery Logistics Center and high-end sprocket production workshop. During the inspection, Wang Yinan, Chairman of Zhongyi Machinery, introduced the project planning and implementation. Since 2012, the company has invested 200 million yuan in the construction project of 5 million high-end chain wheels per year at No. 1888, Gaoxin Avenue, Sanjie Town, which was completed and put into operation in 2014. From 2014 to 2015, another 50 million yuan was invested to introduce Kia CNC machine tools from South Korea, Farak drilling center from Japan and other equipment to realize the upgrading strategy of the company's machine replacement. At present, the order situation is encouraging, and the product delivery date is limited by the production capacity. The company sets out to solve the two problems of production capacity and quality. First, it needs to rely on digital and networked machines to replace people to engage in repetitive labor and greatly improve the quality of products. The second is to cultivate the dedication of the employees of Zhongyi Machinery to produce high-quality sprocket products, so as to achieve the goal of subdivision, professionalism and efficiency.

Mayor Chen Lingfang pointed out that "Made in China 2025" has attracted wide attention. Now Shengzhou is accelerating the implementation of "Made in Zhejiang". In order to solve the rising labor cost, improve quality, deal with some environmental problems, recruitment difficulties and other problems, digital networked manufacturing of enterprises - that is, "machine replacement" is becoming a trend. We are pleased to see that Zhongyi Machinery attaches great importance to this trend and does its best. This will have an important impact on the manufacturing industry in the provincial high-tech park and even Shengzhou manufacturing industry.