On the eve of the May Day holiday, Joy Machinery kept getting good news

News from this newspaper (Correspondent Wang Fangyong) The Party Group of Shaoxing Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League awarded Wang Pengcheng the honorary title of the fourth "Top Ten New Vietnamese Merchants" in Shaoxing, Shaoxing Federation of Trade Unions named the processing center of Lushan Branch "Shaoxing Worker Pioneer", and Shengzhou Federation of Trade Unions named the CNC workshop of Sanjie Branch "Shengzhou Worker Pioneer".

In order to celebrate the 2017 May Day, commend Shengzhou for winning the title of "Model Worker above Shaoxing City" and "Pioneer Worker" of Shengzhou City in 2016, and promote the spirit of "Working to Achieve Dreams", the 2017 Shengzhou City Celebration "May Day" Award Party, sponsored by the Publicity Department of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, was held in the municipal cultural square on the evening of April 28. Municipal leaders Sun Zhejun, Yang Jiangen, Pan Qifu and Li Xiangfu attended the award ceremony. Wang Fangyong, chairman of Zhongyi Machinery Trade Union, and Dong Jiangyong, director of the numerical control workshop of Shanjie Branch, attended the award ceremony. Dong Jiangyong presented the award on behalf of all employees of the numerical control workshop of Shanjie Branch.

All along, the company has been driven by innovation and based on practical work, vigorously promoting the spirit of model workers, giving full play to the leading role of model workers, and emerging a number of advanced models of model workers. Hou Yujun, the director of the R&D center of the company, has been successively named as "Top Ten Outstanding Foreign Talents", "Top Ten Highly Skilled Talents", "National Excellent Migrant Workers", "Top Ten Outstanding Workers", "Model Worker of Shengzhou City" and "Model Worker of Shaoxing City" in Shengzhou City. In 2017, he was elected as the representative of the sixth National People's Congress of Shaoxing City. Yuan Kaijiang was named the sixth outstanding worker of Shengzhou City in April 2015 and the model worker of Shengzhou City in April 2016. Wang Jian's innovation studio was named Shengzhou Master Studio. Lushan Branch Jinyi Workshop, Jin'er Workshop, Jinsan Workshop, Standard Workshop and Processing Center have all won the honorary title of "Shengzhou Worker Pioneer".

The company also gives full play to the role of spreading, helping and leading in skills training, scientific and technological innovation, talent cultivation and other aspects, cultivating and transporting more professional talents for the development of the company.