Leaders of the Organization Department of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee investigated the party building work of the two new organizations of Zhongyi Machinery

News from our correspondent Zhong Shisheng) On the morning of June 10, Zheng Zhijun, deputy director of the organization department of the municipal party committee, and his delegation went to Zhongyi Machinery to investigate and guide the party building work of the two new organizations, accompanied by Zhang Xiangjun, deputy secretary of the party committee of Sanjie Town.

Zheng Zhijun and his delegation came to the Zhongyi Machinery Party Activity Center (High tech Zone) to learn more about the functional layout, main features and daily management of the Party Activity Center. He pointed out that the party member activity center should plan resources as a whole, define service objectives, optimize the role of each functional room, maximize the role of the party member activity center in serving party members, the masses, and development, and make the party member activity center truly become an important position in serving the two new organizations and the masses of party members.

Later, Zheng Zhijun and his delegation came to the meeting room of the Party branch to learn about the development of the Party building work of Zhongyi Machinery, and listened to the report of Yang Songfu, secretary of the Party branch of Zhongyi Machinery. Zheng Zhijun fully affirmed the work achievements of the Zhongyi Machinery Party Branch, especially regarding "two learning and one doing" as the basic content of "three meetings and one lesson", "one star and two numbers" (star level grass-roots party organization, worker pioneer, youth civilization) as the main carrier of "three associations and three meetings", taking school enterprise cooperation as an important platform for "skills to rejuvenate enterprises", focusing on the branch construction in the way of forging, and giving play to the role of strengthening the foundation; In the way of quenching, we should focus on the production and management of the "two new" organizations and give play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members; With the process of fine processing, Zhongyi Machinery has formed the enterprise spirit of "unity and hard work, aiming at first-class" and the craftsmanship spirit of keeping improving, which is worth improving. It is hoped that the party branch of Zhongyi Machinery will continuously improve the work level of party building and strive to build the two new organizations of Zhongyi Machinery into a practical sample of strong party building and development.