The first "Made in Zhejiang" standard of Shengzhou machinery industry was officially released

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Zhong Shisheng) Recently, the machinery industry of our city has made a major breakthrough in the formulation of the standard of "Made in Zhejiang". The group standard of "Special Chain Wheel for Agricultural Machinery" and "Made in Zhejiang", mainly formulated by Zhejiang Zhongyi Machinery Co., Ltd., passed the review of provincial experts, and was officially released with the approval of Zhejiang Brand Building Federation. This is the first "Made in Zhejiang" standard officially released by the machinery industry of our city.

It is reported that the standard of "Made in Zhejiang" is higher than the national standard, positioning high-end, and belongs to the domestic advanced and international first-class standard, so the gold content is very high. In June 2017, Zhejiang Manufacturing Brand Building Promotion Association released the second batch of "Made in Zhejiang" standard formulation plan in 2017, specifying the project application units and standard names included in the "Made in Zhejiang" standard formulation plan, including the standard project of "Special Chain Wheel for Agricultural Machinery" declared by Zhongyi Machinery.

Based on the market situation and production practice in the industry, Zhongyi Machinery has repeatedly demonstrated the design requirements, structural types and other key core indicators of agricultural machinery specific products, and successfully formulated the "Made in Zhejiang" group standard of "Special Chain Wheel for Agricultural Machinery".

In the next step, Zhongyi Machinery will further promote the brand, quality and standard projects, actively promote other enterprises in the industry to meet the standards of "Made in Zhejiang", and drive more leading enterprises and outstanding enterprises into the ranks of "Made in Zhejiang".

It is reported that "Made in Zhejiang" is a vivid practice of "Made in China 2025" in Zhejiang, and is synonymous with high-quality and high-level local manufacturing. The "Made in Zhejiang" standard is a domestic first-class and international advanced group standard. Shengzhou adheres to the principle of standards leading quality improvement, benchmarking leading brand awareness, and actively carries out the action of "raising, benchmarking, and reaching the standard". At present, eight standards of "Made in Zhejiang" have been developed mainly or participated in, and five standards of "Made in Zhejiang" are being developed. In recent years, Shengzhou has insisted on promoting quality innovation through policies and promoting quality integrity through supervision. In terms of policies, a number of supportive policies have been introduced. Shengzhou Municipal Finance Department has allocated 5 million yuan each year for the training, cultivation, certification of the "Made in Zhejiang" brand construction, and participation in the formulation of national standards, industrial standards and group standards.