Warmly celebrate the establishment of Chengdu Shengzhou Chamber of Commerce!

Shengzhou Today: On the evening of September 5, the Chengdu Shengzhou Chamber of Commerce announced its formal establishment in Chengdu. Secretary of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee Xu Jianlie attended the inaugural meeting and delivered a speech. Kong Zhigang, member of the Standing Committee of Shengzhou Municipal Party Committee and head of the United Front Work Department, presented a plaque to the Chamber of Commerce. Liang Zhong, Qiu Jianyong, Xia Chunyan and Li Xiangfu, leaders of Shengzhou City, attended the meeting.

The conference announced the list of leaders of the first Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. Wang Yinan, the president of Sichuan City Vocational College, served as the president of the first Chengdu Shengzhou Chamber of Commerce. It is reported that Chengdu Shengzhou Chamber of Commerce has 83 members, and its 12 sponsors cover education, real estate, machinery, construction, kitchen, new energy and other industries.

Xu Jianyi, on behalf of the four teams of Shengzhou City, warmly congratulated the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce and thanked the businessmen in Chengdu who have always been very concerned about and supported the development of Shengzhou. It is hoped that the Chamber of Commerce will improve its organizational structure, standardize its daily work, play an active role in uniting and protecting enterprises and entrepreneurs in Chengdu, and truly build Chengdu Shengzhou Chamber of Commerce into a "Chengdu Shengzhou People's Home". I hope you Shengshang and Shengzhou Villagers will always care about your hometown, actively promote Shengzhou, bring high-quality resources, valuable experience and advanced technology back to your hometown, actively promote the return of headquarters, projects and talents, and contribute more to the better development of your hometown.

During their stay in Chengdu, relevant personnel also visited Sichuan Huicheng Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Urban Vocational College, which are Shengji's local enterprises in Chengdu.