Constructing the School Enterprise Government Community and Deepening the Cooperation between Industry, University and Research

News from our newspaper (Special Correspondent Wu Hongfu and Zhang Weihong Building) In order to promote the organic connection of the education chain, talent chain, industry chain and innovation chain, Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association and Zhejiang Industrial Vocational and Technical College held an industry university research cooperation docking meeting and signing ceremony in our city on June 4. At the docking meeting, the two sides introduced their respective situations. Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association, Zhongyi Machinery, Shuangniao Group, Fengli Crushing Equipment, Special Chain Wheel, Tiansheng Machinery, Gaoxiang Industry and Trade, Universal Spring, etc. have signed the Framework Agreement on Integration of Industry and Education, School Bank (Enterprise) Cooperation with Zhejiang Polytechnic Institute. The machinery industry is one of the three pillar industries of Shengzhou City. After 70 years of development, a number of blocky industries with influence at home and abroad have been formed, and some of them are in the lead in the subdivided industries at home. Among the member enterprises, there are one national inspection free product, one Chinese well-known trademark, one of the first batch of "Little Giant" enterprises specializing in special new products of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, one "invisible champion" in Zhejiang Province, seven cultivating enterprises, 20 "invisible champions" in Shaoxing City, seven famous brand products in Zhejiang Province, four famous trademarks in Zhejiang Province, two well-known trade names in Zhejiang Province, two provincial enterprise research institutes, and three provincial enterprise technology centers. Among the member enterprises, there are 54 national high-tech enterprises, accounting for more than 1/3 of the city's national high-tech enterprises. The holding of this industry university research cooperation docking meeting and signing ceremony is a specific action to build a school enterprise government community, improve the performance of industry university research, and expand the synergy effect of serving regional economic development and talent training. The two sides will cooperate comprehensively in various forms to jointly build an industry university research innovation system. Later, they will establish a long-term cooperation relationship and jointly carry out technical research, technical services, training, consulting, standard construction, publicity and promotion, talent training and other projects. While serving the other side's industrial development, they will also empower the school's professional construction and talent training. After the meeting, the participants also visited some leading enterprises of Shengzhou Machinery Industry Association - Zhongyi Machinery, Shuangniao Group, Tiansheng Machinery, Gaoxiang Industry and Trade, etc.