Implement all staff training to improve staff quality

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Cong Shenghua) In order to improve the technical quality of employees, adhering to the concept that "training is the greatest benefit for employees", the company firmly promoted the management model of the German manufacturing industry. In view of the weak links in quality and technology management in the first half of 2021, the company organized the first one-day centralized training for employees on August 28, involving technology and quality management. A total of 21 people participated in the training.

Before the training, Wang Fangyong, the vice president of the company, asked the employees participating in the first phase of the training to concentrate, seize the time, study hard, think with problems, learn something, solve practical problems with the ideas and methods learned, and improve their working ability. Zhu Jianqiu from the Technology Department first gave a lecture in the Production Department. What is geometric tolerance? Understanding of geometric tolerance. The basic knowledge involved in the form, contour, location and runout of geometric tolerance, as well as the symbol representation method and measurement method of geometric tolerance. After the training, an examination was conducted, and a closed-loop special training was carried out on the cognitive, emotional and behavioral experience levels.

In the afternoon, Wang Shaobo, the head of the Quality Control Department, gave a lecture, focusing on the commonly used measurements of employees, including ordinary calipers, micrometers (inner diameter, outer diameter), height gauges, ordinary depth gauges, depth micrometers, digital calipers, dial gauge calipers, feeler gauges, tooth thickness micrometers, internal and external thread gauges, R gauges, dial gauges, micrometers, gauge blocks, roughness reference blocks, altimeters, projectors, The selection and correct use of three coordinates, etc. It is emphasized that each measuring tool has its own accuracy and service life. If the measuring tool is not properly maintained, the accuracy and service life of the measuring tool will be seriously affected. Coaching training on the use and inspection methods of commonly used measuring tools will be carried out. After the training, assessment will be carried out, and closed-loop expansion training will be carried out on the cognitive level, emotional level, and behavioral experience level.

The one-day centralized training enables the front-line operators to become more familiar with and fully master the technical and quality business knowledge of their posts, and find their own shortcomings in the study and make improvements. In the practical operation, the employees realize that the tools are used first, and then the processes are sorted out, with less truth, and the basic skills are solidly practiced, effectively promoting the further improvement of the basic management level of the company. The company insists on "providing training opportunities for each employee". With the continuous rolling training of Phase II and Phase III, the employees will gradually improve their quality cultivation, improve their professional skills, and devote themselves to the front-line production work. In their own jobs, they will contribute to the chain drive cause and contribute their own strength!