Zhongyi Machinery won the honorary title of Shaoxing Intelligent Factory in 2020

News from our newspaper (Correspondent Zhu Jianqiu) In order to further strengthen the benchmark demonstration and guidance, and comprehensively improve the enterprise's level of "new intelligent manufacturing", Shaoxing City carried out the application, review and identification of traditional industrial intelligent transformation projects in 2020. Through the enterprise application, local preliminary review, data review, site survey and other links, the company won the honorary title of "Shaoxing Intelligent Factory in 2020".

The total investment of Zhongyi Machinery Intelligent Factory Project is more than 58 million yuan. It uses fully automatic equipment independently developed and imported from outside to realize the automation of chain wheel production, process integration and logistics, and intelligently controls the construction and equipment supporting. The project is implemented in three phases: Phase I (2018): 140 sets of machining equipment, 56 sets of truss manipulators, and 10 sets of six axis joint manipulators. The second phase (2019) implements computer networking and data access to Alibaba Cloud; Phase III (2020) will implement unmanned logistics based on computer networking. In 2019, the project will be implemented for the numerical control workshop equipped with truss robot, with a quantity of 48, including data acquisition, machine code management and MES integration; Data acquisition, machine code management and tool life management were conducted for 236 equipment in machining centers and other NC workshops, and data acquisition was conducted for about 117 hobbing machines in the hobbing workshop. In 2020, the order will be picked and production broken down through the MES system. In the process of splitting and picking, the system will automatically match the inventory, obtain specific material, warehouse location and quantity information, automatically generate a picking list, load it into the WMS system, and scan the two-dimensional code of the container through the forklift platform for warehousing and outbound. The overall project will be completed in October 2020 to achieve the goal of 8-hour day shift production and 8-hour night unmanned production. The factory realizes the automation, digitalization, networking and intellectualization of high-end sprocket manufacturing, and at the same time drives the structural adjustment of the sprocket industry park, drives the collaborative development of upstream and downstream enterprises, and plays a demonstration role in the sprocket industry. In 2021, the company will focus on improving AGV intelligent access of hardware warehouse, automatic tool compensation system, forging manipulator, steel warehouse RGV, etc. On the basis of regulating the artificial intelligence technology and automation technology of production equipment, we should focus on the regulation of the whole process and the whole industrial chain.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "quality is life, technology is physique, delivery date is character, quantity is integrity, service is kinship, and cost is life", the company implemented the upgrading strategy of "innovation driven, intelligent manufacturing, Zhejiang manufacturing", promoted the chain drive products to the middle and high-end, and at the same time realized intelligent data management, manufacturing site, management, sales and other data integration, effectively improving the production level and supply chain efficiency, Not only that, the product qualification rate is also significantly improved. The system can trace the quality according to data collection, analysis, and achieve rapid and effective improvement. In the future, the company will list invention creation and technological innovation as the two driving forces for the development of Zhongyi Machinery, adhere to the technology worship and long-term principle, further promote the transformation of traditional manufacturing to automation, digitalization and intelligence, build the SZS brand with excellent product quality, and constantly expand the European market.