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Talent Formula:(Knowledge+ Experience+ Skill)* Attitude* Spirit= Competitiveness Employment Concept:Make Good Use of the Suitable Person, Do Well What Should Do It is the way of employment, letting talents display their potential, and putting them at the most suitable post according to their ability, then needing to identify what kind of people should be employed and what kind of people should not. It asks us to make use of their merits, tolerate other’s deficiency, and never offset mistakes with achievement. On the other hand, it asks us to identify people and well finish work. First, we should make work well done, and only cherish results but not efforts. To be qualified one time is to realize minimum cost. People should try all best to do with due diligence, do not violate the rules and regulations, and strive to make best results. Talent Concept: People Foremost for Career, Talent First for Development We started the career from scratch, and we could not make the career today if having no talents. We believe: talent is the most precious wealth, we will have everything if having talents, and talent is the first factor for enterprise development.

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