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    Zhejiang Cenfit Machinery Co., Ltd. (Shengzhou Machinery Sprocket factory) is one of the largest manufacturers specializing in production and export of mechanical transmission parts, and the China’s first sprocket manufacturer. Founded in 1954, the company now has over 1,000 sets of metal-working machines and corollary equipment, as well as all kinds of precision testing equipment. We have developed close trade relations with many countries in the principle of “Quality as Lifeline, Technology as Power, Delivery as Morality, Quantity as Credit, Service as Affection, Cost as Lifetime”, and achieved an annual output of 30 million pieces (sets). “Best Product and Thoughtful Service” is our eternal pursuit.

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   Standard sprocket,taper bore sprocket,special sprocket,coupling, shaft,gear,taper sleeve,expanding sleeve, rack,motor base,etc.

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Zhejiang Cenfit Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1954, has been producing mechanical sprockets and belt pulleys for about 60 years. Our company strives to develop into the global largest production base of sprocket and belt pulley through dozens of years of internal management, market development and concerted efforts.

In the business philosophy of “Quality as Lifeline, Technology as Power, Delivery as Morality, Quantity as Credit, Service as Affection, Cost as Lifetime” and the concept of “Development, Pragmatism, Innovation”, our company has won countless honors including “National Inspection-free Product”, “Zhejiang Famous-brand Product”, “National Advanced Enterprise with Independent Innovation”, “China Mechanical Industry Management Demonstration Enterprise ”, “Zhejiang Civilized Unit”, etc. through the care of government departments at all levels and the close cooperation of customers.

A good image is the beginning of career. In the future, we will take customers as God, and provide new and old customers with good service. Our company consolidates old customers and develops new customers by virtue of high-quality products and excellent service. Meanwhile, our company enhances the performance assessment of management personnel, promotes management level and lays a solid foundation for development.

The opportunities and challenges co-exist, and the glory and dream co-exist. Through management reform, upgrading of industrial chain and the implementation of diversified development strategy, our company provides new and old customers with care and support and firmly believes that our company and customers will have a wonderful future.!

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Corporate culture manifests the core competitiveness, and is a kind of intellectual product beyond materials. The advanced corporate culture can help the enterprise overcome difficulties and obtain long-term development. Cenfit’s culture is refined from the management spirit of Cenfit people in fifty years, and is considered as the genuine knowledge from practices, the result of our wisdom and will, and the soul for enterprise development.

Corporate Culture Construction Goal:
We strive to turn the relation between the enterprise and the staff into cause community from interests community and finally form a common destiny, enable the enterprise to meet more cultural development needs of staff from material living needs, help staff grow up continuously and realize career development and self-transcendence; so the staff will have sense of achievement in work and sense of honor from career development. In this way, the enterprise and the staff will build a harmonious culture atmosphere that the enterprise cherishes staff and staff cares for the enterprise, and realize “Win-win”.

Values:Be a Responsible Enterprise

Core values: Be a Responsible Enterprise for Others and the Society 

Cenfit People’s Responsibility: Responsible for Self, Family, Colleagues and the Enterprise
Cenfit’s Responsibility: Responsible for Customers, Shareholders, Staff, the State and the Society

Mission:Offer Satisfied Services for Customers, Make Continuous Contributions to the Society

Offer Satisfied Services for Customers: Make Best Products and Offer High-quality Service to Meet Customer Demands

Make Continuous Contributions to the Society: Improve Shareholder Return and Staff Living; Promote Industry Progress and Social Development

Objective:Become the Largest and Profitable Sprocket and Gear Manufacturer in the World 

Vision:Create International Brand, Build A Century Enterprise

Spirit:Unity and Struggle for Best

Business Philosophy:Quality as Lifeline, Technology as Power, Delivery as Morality, Quantity as Credit, Service as Affection, Cost as Lifetime

Employment Concept:Make Good Use of the Suitable Persons, Do Well What Should Do

Talent Concept:People Foremost for Career, Talent First for Development

Development View:Management Is Productivity, and Excellent Entrepreneur and Manager Can Promote Enterprise Development

Belief: Perseverance Will Make Success

Style:Vigorous, Speedy, Careful, Pragmatic

Code of Conduct:Start Work After Well Preparation, Do Not Prepare While Working

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Talent Formula:(Knowledge+ Experience+ Skill)* Attitude* Spirit= Competitiveness Employment Concept:Make Good Use of the Suitable Person, Do Well What Should Do It is the way of employment, letting talents display their potential, and putting them at the most suitable post according to their ability, then needing to identify what kind of people should be employed and what kind of people should not. It asks us to make use of their merits, tolerate other’s deficiency, and never offset mistakes with achievement. On the other hand, it asks us to identify people and well finish work. First, we should make work well done, and only cherish results but not efforts. To be qualified one time is to realize minimum cost. People should try all best to do with due diligence, do not violate the rules and regulations, and strive to make best results. Talent Concept: People Foremost for Career, Talent First for Development We started the career from scratch, and we could not make the career today if having no talents. We believe: talent is the most precious wealth, we will have everything if having talents, and talent is the first factor for enterprise development.
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