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Corporate culture is the performance of the core competitiveness of enterprises, and it is a spiritual product that transcends material. Excellent corporate culture can help enterprises overcome difficulties and achieve long-term development. Zhongyi's corporate culture is the spiritual refinement and sublimation of Zhongyi people's 50 years of entrepreneurship. It is the true knowledge of exploration in practice, the crystallization of wisdom will, and the soul of enterprise inheritance and development.

Corporate values: to be a responsible company

Core values: Responsible to others, responsible to society, responsible responsible people

Zhongyi is responsible: responsible for himself, responsible for his family, responsible for his colleagues, and responsible for the company.

Zhongyi Enterprise is responsible: responsible to customers, responsible to shareholders, responsible to employees, responsible to the country and society

Corporate mission: to provide satisfactory services to customers and to dedicate to society

Provide satisfactory services to customers: Produce quality products; provide quality services; meet customer needs.

Constantly contributing to the society: improving shareholder returns; improving employee life; promoting industry progress; promoting social development.

Corporate Vision: Building an international brand and building a century-old enterprise

Entrepreneurial spirit: unity and hard work, aiming for excellence.

Business philosophy: Quality is life, technology is physical, delivery is character, quantity is integrity, service is family, and cost is life.

The concept of employing people: use the people who use them and do what they should do.

Enterprise talent concept: career is people-oriented, development is people first

Enterprise development concept: management is productivity, excellent entrepreneurs and managers can promote enterprise development

Corporate belief: persistence will win

Corporate style: vigorous and pragmatic, serious and pragmatic

Corporate Code of Conduct: Be sure to do it well. Never do it.

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